Q: On average, how long does it take to develop an app?

A: Our normal build cycle is 90-120 days, but is heavily dependent on the actual feature set and is determined on a project by project basis.

Q: What is the average cost of an App?

A: The cost of an App is directly tied to features and functionality as cost is driven by man hours to complete the tasks. It is very hard to estimate an average, but a decent range is between $10,000 and $25,000. Determined on a project per project basis.

Q: Do I need an NDA?

A: Depends, in this day and age reputable developers are not out to steal your ideas as we would not stay around in business long. The need for and NDA is a personal preference we can gladly furnish one for you to sign if that puts you at ease.

Q: Do I own the App once completed?

A: You do. We have a standard Work For Hire agreement that we furnish our customers that outlines. NS804 is retained to work for you and all work product produced while working for you is your property. 

Q: What platforms do you develop for?

A: Currently iOS and Android. Focusing on these platforms allows us to remain one of the best and on the cutting edge of newest tech available.

Q: I have an App idea where do I start?

A: Great question we advise our customers to create a simple outline of what or how they see a user interacting with the app. The outline gives us a starting point for our discussions to see what you have and what we can add to help you round out the concept. Once you have an outline or even a paragraph on the app start speaking with developers, this is the best way for you to know what can and cannot be done and if your app is feasible.

Q: With so many options what makes NS804 Different?

A:We LOVE this question you are right there are so many options when choosing a developer for your project and many are very Highly skilled. What sets us apart is our knowledge and ability to speak normally to you. As you can see we speak business first Geek second. Our years of business and marketing allow us to offer an entirely different perspective on your project than other development companies,  we are truly a partner of yours. We are in this for the long haul and enjoy hearing the success stories or even failures of our customers, so we can all learn together and make the best Apps possible that change the way people live, work and play.

Q: How will we communicate during the App build process?

A: Easy, we use Slack for our daily communication and we invite you to the channel of your project to interact with the team so you are always up to date on progress and aware of what we are doing and can provide insight.