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Our Work Process

Discuss Your Ideas

NS804 considers this the most critical and vital step in the process we need to fully understand your desired goals and outcomes to provide the best service and guidance. We do this through a series of calls and in person meetings if possible. We start with the initial consultation where we discuss your overall concept at a high level and what problem you are trying to solve and how you anticipate solving it. Through this call we are usually able to provide a few action items like making a proposal or scheduling further discussions to round the concept out. We strive in these early calls to help you determine what is best for your project maybe a new feature maybe reducing features to achieve a lower cost MVP to get to market and prove your concept. The goal is to determine what is best for YOU and help guide you in making an informed decision. Once the Concept is fully vetted we then do a kick off call allowing the entire team and you to get on the same page and we can then concretely set out the complete build.

Design Your App

NS804 begins the design phase by creating 3-4 versions of the first 2 screens of your app, this allows you to set the theme for the look and feel of the app. We allow you to mix and match and if we miss, let's retry to make sure we get the desired outcome you expect and want. Once we have the theme we move on to designing all screens and creating an Invision simulation allowing you to view static screens with hotspots for navigation on a mobile device or computer. We have found this step works much better than conventional wire framing as we can iterate rapidly and nothing is left up to guessing. We then jump into User Testing allow independent users to test the concept what we try to accomplish is do they understand what the app is, and how to use. We identify early spots where users get stuck or lost and refine the UI/UX for improved performance prior to coding.

Develop Your Idea

NS804 hits development with a unique approach to Tech docs, we develop a high level overview, then a screen by screen approach allowing the developers complete understanding of each screen of the app and the desired functionality. We then develop back to front style where we set up the data layer and the basic API calls prior to building out the front, this allows us to begin Front end development while the backend is being finished with support for better efficiency.

Grow & Enhance

Your App

NS804 believes our relationship does not stop at the launch of your app, we stick around and help you analyze data, analytics and overall growth. WE listen to your feedback from users and work together to game plan ways to grow the app and adding enhancements. A partner for the long haul.

Why NS804?


The customer comes first. For many this is your dream and for others your baby. We understand that and strive to give you and your idea the care and attention it deserves.


Dedicated testing group provides real time feedback and meaning less bugs. Improving launch results and making a more efficient build cycle. Lifetime Bug Support for FREE!


Years of experience in this industry affords NS804 the ability to pass their knowledge on to you the customer. We learn through our mistakes so you do not have to.

What Our Customers Say About Us


With NS804, they really look to meet their goal of the project rather than just complete the scope that’s defined early on. Despite the challenging nature of the applications, NS804 has done a great job of reaching the end goal and catering to the client’s business need.

Gabby Levac - Co-Founder, BioMetrix

NS804 was a phenomenal partner we worked on a complex accounting app that they not only figured out how to map, but they integrated clearly. They assisted in ways to promote the app, gain users and an overall marketing strategy. They are much more than our developers they are our partners.

Dan Steiner - CEO of Steiner Business Solutions

My biggest thing was, I can call NS804 and ask them to do something, and they will be absolutely honest in letting me know if they can do that or not. I like that kind of cut-and-dry, upfront approach. The client is very pleased with NS804 and the projects they have completed. The quality of the work is great, and they are very upfront and honest about the process and the expected cost of the projects. They truly care about their clients and the success of the work being delivered. NS804 is highly recommended to others.

Mike Murphy - Managing Partner at 311 Productions

NS804 is distinct because they work well with all different sizes of organizations and provide cost effective solutions that work with any budget. They stayed in constant communication around deadlines and deliverables that were supposed to be met.

Preston Dunn - Managing Partner, Dunn's Group

Nick was incredibly responsive and very helpful in making my idea a reality. I had solid ideas for what I was looking for, and NS804 with my permission improved on them in many ways. I will definitely re-hire this team in the future and can't recommend them highly enough.

Dave Smith

Nick was great to work with from the very beginning. He was always available and responsive to calls and messages. He was understanding of my company's budget limits, and even found ways to complete the project below the initial predicted budget. I found that he was generally interested in our project and constantly offered helpful input. I wouldn't hesitate to work with Nick and NS804 again. I recommend his agency.

Onyx Lee - VuCare Media

They [NS804] went beyond what other companies do, coaching me through the whole thing and helping me get a good return on investment by sharing their knowledge and suggestions. I hope their business keeps growing.

Adam Brookshire - Owner/The Brookshire Agency

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