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About NS804

NS804 was founded to facilitate a way for the idea person, dreamer visionary or business to access the mobile revolution!

We have been in operation since 2012 where we began by developing our own apps for iOS and Android. Our portfolio and experience has grown allowing us to offer not only Development Services, but Publishing and Marketing services for your app.

We strive to be your one stop shop to develop, publish and market your idea. Our moto is "Making Dreams A Reality" and we mean that, our dream is happening everyday, let us help you make your dream a reality.


Survivor Morads


Va Beer


Sulgical Rounds


Shamrock The Block
Watermelon Festival


The new way to carpool, use Driveily to set your route to pick up passengers, track when your ride will arrive with time and distance. Driveily will allow you to stay focused on the road and avoid texting and driving.

Coming soon to iOS and Android



It's About Time: How many times have you been sitting outside of a restaurant? Bar? waiting for your friends to show up?
Molaza takes care of Managing your social meet ups or gatherings. Invite your friends to meet you out, each user accepts and logs in upon leaving their location. The app provides directions to the meeting place and will let your friends know how long before you arrive and you when they arrive. Rank your friends on being tardy, on time or the early bird. Share socially through social media on your meet-ups and friends ranks. Have fun, and take the stress out of meeting up with friends.

Coming Soon to iOS and Android

Sulgical Rounds

Sulgical Rounds

Take your Rounds to the next level by Making Life Easier with Surgical Rounds. Tailored to Surgeons, but useful in many other disciplines of medicine, Surgical Rounds is a simple app to help eliminate paper rounds and ease patient tracking for billing purposes. Easily keep a daily list of new consults, and keep track of what patients were seen in the hospital each day. Also record who has been discharged, and if any patients were taken to the OR. No PPI is recorded. With one click send the daily list to your billing office.
Surgical Rounds was designed by a Surgeon for the medical profession why efficiency in mind. Surgical Rounds has one goal to Make Your Life Easier!

Shamrock The Block

Shamrock The Block

Shamrock The Block has a new home!
The 11th Annual Shamrock The Block will take place on the Boulevard off Broad Street on Saturday, March 15th beginning at 11am. We're moving to a larger area with more space, better parking and more BLOCK TO ROCK!!
Shamrock The Block is FREE to attend, with great food, live music all day and plenty o' green beverages for you to enjoy safely, so bring a designated driver. Last year, more than 30,000 people poured into the FIRST OUTDOOR EVENT of the season. With the move to the Boulevard, we've expanded the kid's activities, the band lineup and have more things to do and see. We have the drinks, the music and the fun. All you have to SHOW UP ON THE BOULEVARD!
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Va Beer

Va Beer

Craft Beer Lover's search no more you have found your companion on those trips through Virginia Beer country. VA Beer highlights the Virginia Craft Beer market with the following features:
Directions to breweries location based detection of closest breweries brew and brewery rankings your ranking, your friends rankings and the communities rankings
Coming Soon To iOS and Android

Watermelon Festival

Watermelon Festival

Imagine...115,000 people, over 3000 watermelons and you! With 60 musicians, over 100 exhibitors, one of the largest kids areas of any festival on the east coast and all of the great Carytown style, the Carytown Watermelon Festival presented by Martin's has become the largest one day festival in the state of Virginia. Mark your calendar now for a great day of family fun.

Watermelon Festival

Survivor Morads

A classic avoidance style game with massive enhancements! collect coins for power-ups, pick up coin and score multipliers all while trying to stay alive by avoiding the flying objects!

Watermelon Festival


Fly, Dodge, Race around outer space avoiding the robot laser beams and flying comets, all while pushing your score higher and competing for the top spot on the leaderboard.

Fall Ninja

Fall Ninja

Tap the screen to rotate the board and navigate your Ninja through the puzzle landing on the other Ninja's and destroying them!

Features: Simple Game Play Endless Game Play
Great Music Fun Graphics
Kid Friendly Game Center Integration


Flaps Bats

Fly to Freedom! A new Spin on Flappy Bird!Tap your screen to navigate your bird through the tubes! Challenge your Friends Ad Free
*Top the Leaderboard
Features: Game Center Integration Catchy graphics
* Good music

Kitty Run

Kitty Run

Guide your Kitty through the neighborhood in this endless runner style, avoid the other cats and obstacles to stay alive. A fun game allowing toddlers to pass the time, with cute themed graphics and simple game play a sure winner for your child.



Blast your way to Healthy, help defeat the germs and viruses' by guiding your super hero through the body, collect power-ups to increase your chances.
Simple two button approach makes this a great game for young kids allowing for easy play and enjoyment.

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Digital Markets Coordinator

Jó Salinas Somoza

Graphic Designer

Alex Balan


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86% Time in apps on Mobile Devices.
2 hrs
42 mins
Amount of daily Mobile Device Usage
Per Person on average.
58% Of all mobile users have Smartphones.

Why NS804

Knowledge We learned through our Mistakes
so you do not have to.
Quality Dedicated testing group provides
real time feedback means less bugs.
Service Customer comes first for many this is your
dream for others your baby we understand
that and strive to give you and your idea
the care and attention it deserves.

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