Richmond’s Fastest Growing
Mobile App Development Company

Founded in 2012, NS804 is a mobile app developer for start-ups, entrepreneurs, idea people, and businesses. We’re a partner with our clients, striving to help them capitalize on the mobile revolution by bringing their ideas to the app marketplace, or strengthening their internal business structure via app integration.

Our mission is to develop the best possible apps for our clients – by sharing knowledge, listening to their needs, and giving support wherever and whenever possible. We pride ourselves on our expertly-honed development skill set, and our commitment to not only produce high-quality apps, but to partner with our clients, acting as their tech-liaison to help develop and grow their app with our proven user acquisition and retention strategies.

As we developed and strengthened our own capabilities, we settled on native app development as opposed to a hybrid approach, allowing us to produce effective, robust, custom, tailor-made apps for our clients. We utilize an agile build cycle to ensure smooth development that keeps you in the loop and produces a bug-free app at launch, and also offer minimum viable product development for projects with a limited budget and big ideas.

We develop for both Android and iOS platforms, with a mastery in Java, Objective C, and Swift. We use our knowledge to not only build great apps, but to help our clients understand the development process, their best path to market, and their options for capitalizing on their app’s success. We’re excited about new or un-tested ideas, and are always searching for new ways to solve problems to create a better, more connected, and more efficient world.

For the past six years, we’ve developed over 100 apps for happy clients across the world, and we’re not slowing down. We’re here to develop for you, grow with you, and together, make great, affordable, and reliable apps.