Richmond’s Fastest Growing
Mobile App Development Company

NS804 was founded in 2012 as a way for Start-ups, Idea people and Business’ in general to capitalize on the Mobile revolution. We spent our first 2 years developing in house titles, trying HTML5 and other cost effective Development solutions and assembling the best Dev team in the industry. We settled on Native development for many reasons (feel free to read some of our blog posts and make your own decisions) and as such trained in Java and Objective C as well as Swift. Over time we developed our build cycle and process’ allowing us to begin offering our services to customers.

In 2015 We took our first paying Customer 311 productions. We learned a lot and delivered two very cool festival apps Shamrock the Block and Watermelon Festival. It was in working with 311 that Nick Jones our founder and CEO was encouraged to make this a full time thing. We have flourished since that time partially because we focus solely on Native Mobile Apps allowing us to become the experts in native development and allowing us to try new things that other would not be willing to try.​

We have completed over 400 apps since we began in 2012 and have a roster of Happy customers across the world. We look forward to making the best apps in the industry for years to come.​