NS804 Featured as a Top App Developer in DC on Clutch!

At NS804, our experienced team of developers and designers works hard to build high-quality native applications for both small and medium sized businesses. We pride ourselves on treating our clients as valued partners, always offering insight, revenue streams, and even ways to acquire users all while delivering quality code and beautiful designs. Recently, our success... Read More

Getting Funded For Mobile App Development

Creating a mobile app is a challenging process. It consists of many complex phases, including design, development, testing and deployment. It can also be expensive, especially if you don’t have a reputation for delivering quality apps. Developers with adequate funding have a great advantage over those who don’t. They can devote all resources towards developing... Read More

Differences Between iOS & Android App Development

Many mobile devices can launch applications (apps), including mobile phones, digital assistants, and tablets. These apps can be installed during the manufacturing process or downloaded by the user from an application platform, typically within a web browser. Developers must consider the wide range of display sizes when creating mobile apps in addition to other hardware... Read More