Getting Funded For Mobile App Development

Creating a mobile app is a challenging process. It consists of many complex phases, including design, development, testing and deployment. It can also be expensive, especially if you don’t have a reputation for delivering quality apps. Developers with adequate funding have a great advantage over those who don’t. They can devote all resources towards developing... Read More

Differences Between iOS & Android App Development

Many mobile devices can launch applications (apps), including mobile phones, digital assistants, and tablets. These apps can be installed during the manufacturing process or downloaded by the user from an application platform, typically within a web browser. Developers must consider the wide range of display sizes when creating mobile apps in addition to other hardware... Read More

10 Mobile Apps Contractors Use To Boost Business

The proliferation of the Internet and mobile technology is driving the current “on-demand” economy. Customers in this type of economy expect to receive a high-quality product or service as soon as they need it. Uber was one of the first businesses to successfully provide on-demand services, and is best known as a personal transportation services.... Read More

Why Logistics Companies Need Mobile Apps

Most people think of Uber when they hear about custom mobile apps for the transportation industry. But this industry involves much more than just providing people with taxi services. Transportation services account for a significant portion of the mobile app market, especially in the area of logistics. Many businesses in this sector are currently investing... Read More

ProtectPro app works in case of emergency

Maybe Nick Jones can save your life. He would rather not, mind you. Jones is hoping you will never need the enhanced-security app that his local mobile app development company, NS804, is working on. Jones is collaborating with the app’s originator, Sahil Kedar, based in Charlotte, N.C. Read the entire article.

Domestic Violence Awareness App

It’s hard to get most high school or college students to put their phones down. “The way to get to them is to get inside their mobile devices,” said app developer Nick Jones. He is helping to create an app that has a message. It’s all part of the One Love Foundation that was established... Read More