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Mobile Application Development for Medical Professionals |

The customer comes first. For many this is your dream and for others your baby. We understand that and strive to give you and your idea the care and attention it deserves.

Lifetime Support

Mobile Application Development for Medical Professionals |

Dedicated testing group provides real time feedback and meaning less bugs. Improving launch results and making a more efficient build cycle. Lifetime Bug Support for FREE!


Mobile Application Development for Medical Professionals |

Years of experience in this industry affords NS804 the ability to pass their knowledge on to you the customer. We learn through our mistakes so you do not have to.


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App Optimization and User Testing

iOS Mobile App Development

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The app developed by NS804 has proven to be successful, with positive feedback from users in test runs. The team also offered guidance and supplemental ideas, taking pride in their work as they brought the app to life. They now provide full management and development as the app prepares for launch.

- Aaron Jones

Although the app was still in the initial production phase, the prototype was helpful when pitching to investors. NS804 continually impressed with their responsive communication, straightfoward budget guidance, and business-minded approach.

- Brennon Wise

NS804’s involvement is a game-changer, allowing the company to finally earn revenue from the launched app. The project team not only delivered as promised, they also gave strategic ideas for the app’s continued success. Another highlight is clear communication about project timelines and scope.  

- Charlie Vecchio

"They [NS804] went beyond what other companies do, coaching me through the whole thing and helping me get a good return on investment by sharing their knowledge and suggestions."

- Adam Brookshire

From Nick Jones, CEO of NS804

Nick Jones NS804

Message from Nick Jones, CEO

I want to first Thank You for visiting our website, when I started NS804 it was out of a need I saw in the industry. I had worked with developers in the past and found that while they were very good they struggled with grasping what I wanted or needed so I began my journey in 2011 learning to program. I am the first to admit I am not the strongest of programmers, but I worked hard and realized over time that my knowledge of programming coupled with my business acumen and marketing knowledge made me a powerful weapon that my customers could utilize and prosper from. So I started NS804, to do just that provide people with a reasonably cost effective solution to take advantage of the mobile revolution. Our motto is "Making Dreams A Reality" I believe in that and so do my staff. We want to make your Dream a reality and help you along the way to success. We know you have many options when choosing a Development partner and are honored just to have an opportunity to get to know you.


Nick Jones


The Process

We'll set up a time to consult with you about your mobile application. During this meeting we'll learn more about your business and how technology can make it more efficient. 

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