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Lemmings Game Tribute

Remember Lemmings? I sure do it was one of my favorite games growing up. When you consider the amount of thought you had to put into completing a level coupled with the speed needed to keep those little guys alive it is no wonder it was a hit. I set out about 2 years ago […]

Mobile App Development Lessons

Being new to mobile app development and thinking I had it all figured out I have learned several valuable lessons. First you need to be flexible when it comes to technology sometimes things do not work the way you want them to. In that case you better have back up plans and lots of patience. […]

Morads A Lemmings Tribute

I can’t believe it Morads is really coming together. We got the performance issues fixed it runs very smooth now maintains frame rate very well even when taxing the platform. Hopefully a fully testable iPad version in 2 weeks. We also have some cool mini games coming soon as well.