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How to build a mobile app: App lifecycle Management

App lifecycle management, which we’ll be referring to as ALM from now on, is the totality of managing the processes, systems, and people that make your app: market research, ideation, coding and design, testing, launch, analytics, and updating your app throughout its time on the App Store or Google Play. Let’s explore ALM: Step 1: […]

Android development: What you need to know

Continuing from a previous installment of How to Build a Mobile App: The Ultimate Guide, we’re on to the next major player of the mobile market; Android! If you own anything other than an iPhone, it most likely runs on the Android Platform. Mainly programmed using JAVA, Kotlin, and C++, Android boasted a global market […]

App development pitfalls

When you’re building an app, it’s much more important to know what not to do than it is to follow a step-by-step checklist that lays out the path to success. There’s a good reason for this – every app’s path to success is different, and something that’s right for one app could be completely wrong […]

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How to build a mobile app: App design

What makes a well-designed app? Is it the colors? The layout? The icons? The flow? It’s simultaneously none and all of these things combined – and a whole lot more. In this addition to How to Build a Mobile App: The Ultimate Guide, we’re going to go through – step-by-step – how to properly design […]

How to build a mobile app: Actionable apps

Did you know that within the first three days of an app being downloaded, 77% of the users who downloaded it have already deleted it from their device? It doesn’t get any better with time, either – after a month, 90% of users will have abandoned the app. There’s many reasons for this – ranging […]

Improving your business operations and culture with an internal app

Very rarely does a change in your business’ process relate to a boost throughout the entirety of your company’s systems and departments – and you’d be right to be wary of anyone claiming to be able to facilitate such sweeping reform. But there is one change you can make that will increase your company’s efficiency, […]

The end of the tech sector?

Name an industry that hasn’t been changed by tech. I’ve been sitting here for the past twenty minutes trying to think of one, and I haven’t been able come up with anything. Even linguistics aren’t immune – the preface “smart” is even more pervasive than “HD” was in the late 00’s and early 10’s. Smartphones, […]

Guest blog: Benefits of proximity marketing and how to plan a campaign

This is a guest blog written by our good friends at Kumulos, specifically Caroline McClelland, Kumulos’ Marketing Manager. With 17 years of marketing management experience in global organizations including information technology, financial services and retail, Caroline has great passion for mobile marketing and building high performing digital teams to work creatively in all areas of […]

Richmond Inno’s Tech Madness

When we first heard we were officially nominated to be a competitor in Richmond Inno’s Tech Madness, we were honestly floored. While we’re proud of our work culture, our partners’ ideas, and the apps we build, we do our best to remain humble – when you’re a small tech company, there’s no time to pat […]

App Trends – If we were going to build an app, what would it be?

So, I’ve been writing content for NS804 for about six months now (congrats, me!), and for four of those months, I’ve had a singular question written at the top of my cubicle’s whiteboard: What is the number one question people ask about making apps? It’s a question I’ve been mulling over when I’m trying to […]

Measuring your app’s success – with Kumulos

For the past couple of months we’ve been going over both the basic theory of, and different strategies for the implementation of a successful ASO campaign. But one (very important) part we haven’t covered is how to actually measure your app’s growth. There are many different ways to go about measuring your app’s success, but […]

All about beta testing: When, why, and how

There’s no harsher reality than facing criticism about something you call your own, especially after investing time and resources into your brainchild. This is, however, a crucial step to the success of any business venture, and doubly so when it comes to the app development cycle – and by facing the music before launch, you […]

Should companies pay you for your personal data?

Imagine for a moment that you keep a journal detailing your daily activities: where you went, what you ate, what you bought, what shows you watched, who you talked to… all the usual journal-like things. Now imagine that every night, your mom sneaks into your room, goes through what you wrote down, and then sells […]

Do devs have an ethical responsibility to tell clients their idea is bad?

There’s a minefield of ethical conundrums in the software development industry today, and a lot of devs have been talking about it – which is only a good thing. I do think, however, that the industry has been framing this conversation incorrectly – we tend to focus on issues like user privacy, data security (or […]

How to build a mobile app: Build cycles

Every business has a process, just like every recipe has a set order of steps – and, just like a recipe, if a business’ process is out of order or incomplete, the final product can end up tasting pretty bad. Developing a mobile app is no different – missing (or incorrectly implementing) a single step […]

How can the tech and green sectors work together?

Let’s all face it – there’s a clock, and it’s ticking down the seconds until we run out of the lifeblood of all tech – rare earth metals. The problem with batteries If you’re using anything other than a desktop computer that remains plugged into a wall socket, that device uses a battery for energy […]

Can mixed reality give humans the edge over automation?

There’s a trend that’s been around since the dawn of the industrial revolution – if you can build a machine that automates the process of a worker (or workers), it will be more efficient in almost every way – cheaper, faster, and more accurate. At first, this trend wasn’t all that worrisome – while some […]

How & when to monetize your app

When we’re speaking with clients about their app, there’s one question that pops up more than platforms, UX, features, and maybe even development cost: How will my app make money? For good reason too – it’s an important question to ask – apps need to make money somehow. Fortunately, there’s lots of ways to monetize […]

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How (not) to build an app with Appy Pie

There’s something to be said about making something yourself, whether it be a meal or piece of art. There’s nothing like coming up with an idea and executing it from inception to completion, all on your own. For the self-driven individual, an app WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor sounds like a […]