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Android vs. iOS – How do I decide which platform to launch on?

This is a question we covered a bit in our piece about how to find a mobile developer, but I felt like there was more to talk about; we were recently discussing in a meeting why some clients seem to favor one platform over the other, and what the benefits are to launching on iOS […]

How to Build a Mobile App: ASO 101

By now, you’ve probably heard the term “ASO” come up in workplace conversations, whether at a company meeting or from your office’s resident tech expert. We’ve written a few pieces about the topic already – but if you’re a CTO or appreneur that wants to brush up on the basics of ASO without digging through […]

Increasing your user retention by giving them control – Our thoughts & experiences

We were sitting around the conference room yesterday, and our Senior UI/UX designer was presenting our latest build (we make a habit of getting the whole team together to look over builds before sending them off to clients). Like a lot of apps, at some point, it eventually had to ask for the users’ payment […]

How to find the perfect mobile app developer

So, you’re an appreneur (or a CTO), and you want to make an app. Great! Do you already have a development partner? If yes, even better! If you answered “no,” don’t worry. We’re going to go over everything you need to know and do to find the perfect developer, just for your specific needs. Before […]

UI/UX and user retention

UI/UX and user retention – Strategies for success

There’s a quote from one of the founding fathers of modern architecture that perfectly describes what good UI/UX is. Form follows function – that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union. Frank Lloyd Wright may have been speaking to the principles of good design in architecture, but his […]

Out-of-the-box tools you can use to make a targeted ASO campaign

A trend we see a lot in this industry are great ideas with no legs. Sometimes it’s for the usual reasons – lack of monetary investment, insufficient market research, or a belief that anything is possible with tech – but all too often, the hurdle that’s most difficult to cross for an appreneur (or even […]

iOS Development and Swift Code – What you need to know

Everyone knows the two major players on the mobile platform market – Apple and Android – but what makes these platforms tick? If you’re an iPhone user, your phone runs on iOS, which utilizes the programming language Swift. Swift was released in October of 2014, and is currently in its fourth iteration, aptly named Swift4. […]

AR – It’s time to start thinking about it

There seem to be new technologies and trends emerging every day as the internet of things grows to envelop and shape the way we interact with each other, our jobs, and our hobbies. Today, one of these hot-topic-pieces-of-tech is augmented reality (AR). With the release of Apple’s ARKit in June 2017, and Android’s ARCore in […]

How to Build a Mobile App: Native vs. Hybrid Development

Every business and entrepreneur wants to push their product to market with the smallest investment of time and capital as possible, and for good reason. It makes sense as an appreneur to seek out the method of mobile development with the lowest cost, which is usually hybrid app development. In our second installment of How […]

How to Build a Mobile App: The Ultimate Guide

It’s no secret that smartphones are quickly becoming intrinsic multi-tools that enhance our productivity, our access to information, and pretty much everything else in our daily lives. The meteoric rise of mobile devices is indeed a shake-up to an already volatile and new industry itself; it’s almost difficult to believe that mobile devices account for […]

Planning Apps

What Features are Worth it? Refining Your App Ideation and Scope

When solving a problem, it’s tempting to want to solve every problem. Replacing your car battery? Might as well change the washer fluid. Have a routine check-up with your doctor? Might as well get that flu shot. While it’s pragmatic to perform routine maintenance on your car, addressing tangential pain points when designing your app […]

Cost of Mobile App Development

How Much Does it Cost to Make an App?

Spoiler: Want to know what your app idea will cost? Use our Mobile App Cost Calculator The Short Answer Simple apps typically cost less than $37,500 Medium apps typically cost between $100,000 – $150,000 Complex apps typically cost above $500,000 Source: Clutch Hourly Cost of Mobile App Developer Low Cost App Developer: $85-$105 per hour […]

Voice Is Here – Do You Have An Alexa Skill For Your Business?

Alexa is a voice-driven personal assistant which was developed by Amazon in 2014. It was initially used with Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot smart speakers, although an Amazon mobile app now allows Alexa to function on mobile devices with the Android or iOS operating systems. Alexa primarily provides audio services such as music playback, audiobooks, […]

Not All Apps Are Games & Marketing

  When you consider the use of smartphones in your company, it’s easy to see how you’d view them as a business tool first, but also as a potential instrument of distraction that can be a drag on productivity in your organization. At the same time, you and your fellow stakeholders have heard that there […]

The Hidden Costs Of Building Mobile Apps

The quick answer: Hidden costs of mobile app development include the following: Back-end hosting Developer account Operating system updates Consumer feedback New devices Maintenance and support Many of the costs to develop a mobile app are relatively easy to predict. Especially the upfront costs. But, app development also incurs costs that may not be apparent […]

Why You Should Not Build an App for Free

Here’s a common situation in the app world: a person has an idea for an app and wants to move forward with it. But, that person doesn’t have the financing to pay a developer or the application development chops to do it on their own. That leads folks to investigate the options for building an […]

Top Features for Medical Apps Used by Doctors

With limited time to consult, diagnose and treat an increasing number of patients, doctors are turning to smartphones and medical apps to provide better treatment for those under their care. These apps must be grounded in sound medical science, of course, and it’s essential that they go through exhaustive testing and refinement before being released […]