CFO Sidekick App

CFO sidekick was designed to give you a CFO in your pocket. What does that mean? Simple many small business owners struggle with what their numbers are how to interpret them and how to track growth and make better decisions. This solution allowed that for Quick Books users by importing all your QBO information into the app and allowing you to work with it. We also had the Tips of the day monthly and end of year checklists all in an attempt to help small to medium business owners on the go make better informed decisions.

App Tech Stack

  • Objective-C

  • Parse

  • Kumulos

App Goals

  • Goal 1:

    Empower medium to small business owners

  • Goal 2:

    Educate Business owners on the importance of their numbers.

  • Goal 3:

    Enable mobile business owners on the go to stay locked in on their business