Paxis Pro App

Paxis Pro an iOS iPad only app for an Inspection company that had 100’s of inspector checking on contractors work. The challenges with this app is the need for it to work offline storing all data in a MYSQL Lite DB on the device until a wifi signal is detected and then dumping the data to the backend. Objective C and Xcode were utilized in building this for iOS. Features include offline capability, wifi detection, data dumping to the server, status updates, check in and check out process and more..

Created as an Enterprise Solution, not distributed through the app stores.

App Tech Stack

  • Objective-C

  • MYSQL Lite

App Goals

  • Goal 1:

    Convert a completely paper driven process to paperless.

  • Goal 2:

    Function offline as many times there is no cell signal or wifi connection.

  • Goal 3:

    Automatic wifi detection and data dumps.