Qwest Giver App

Qwest Giver is an Android and iOS app where the customer has developed a bunch of simple challenges for people to complete for prizes with the ability to challenge their friends. The idea is to help get people up and active. We used Java and Android Studio for the Android version and Swift and Xcode for the iOS version as well as HTML5 and PHP for the admin portal CMS. Features include ability to add new events, user ratings for to approve if a task was completed, GPS tracking, Camera integration, push notifications, friending and much more…

App Tech Stack

  • Java

  • Swift

  • HTML5

  • PHP

  • Node.js

  • Firebase

App Goals

  • Goal 1:

    To get people active and interacting with each other in a fun and playful manner by using gamification

  • Goal 2:

    Allow the Admin the ability to control events and Quests so they do not need developer support on a regular basis

  • Goal 3:

    Allow users to control if an even was completed or not engaging the user further