Richmond Times Dispatch “Getting to Know: Nick Jones with NS804 Apps”

CEO and founder of NS804 Apps, an iOS and Android mobile app development company based in Henrico County

Best business decision: “When starting NS804 Apps, I decided to make it a goal to provide employment to the next generation. I strive to give recent college graduates the opportunity to work within a learning environment where they have the support needed to grow professionally and personally. The marketplace is tough and I believe, if given a chance, the younger generation will impress us.”

Mistake you learned the most from: “Missing our first deadline. Everyone in technology told me we would miss deadlines, but I was headstrong and committed that we never would. Unfortunately in coding iOS and Android mobile apps, there is no definitive timeline and everything is subject to change. We give our best estimate, and sometimes we miss. The first deadline we missed. I overworked my staff and myself working 16-hour days trying to hit the mark. This created poor morale among my team. I will not make that mistake again. We have built in some fail-safes to better accommodate and be more flexible when building mobile apps.”

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