Lemmings Game Tribute

Remember Lemmings? I sure do it was one of my favorite games growing up. When you consider the amount of thought you had to put into completing a level coupled with the speed needed to keep those little guys alive it is no wonder it was a hit.

I set out about 2 years ago to find a suitable mobile version of Lemmings or a suitable game like Lemmings, but was shocked there was not many out there.

So I did the only thing one could be expected to do and that was to develop my own. The result was Morads: A Lemmings Tribute which has now been in development for over a year. Although we have had many set backs we are now in the home stretch and should have a complete game in 4-6 weeks.

We altered some of the game skills to differ from Lemmings and have been diligently working on a level editor to allow the community to publish their own levels at some point. We are shooting to release with 60 levels and another 60 soon to follow after release.

We are also going to add in some of the fun social aspects of current games in the mobile realm to appeal to a larger audience and give Lemmings the tribute it deserves for being such a great game.

In addition, we are updating the graphics which many will not be pleased with, but we felt a little updating would not hurt.

Keep a look out for Morads: a Lemmings Tribute coming soon to iOS!

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