How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Tip Calculator App?

A tip calculator for a restaurant is a simple app to build when working with an experienced developer. The simple concept is to be able to calculate a tip based on the total spent by patrons at a particular table. However, the complexity can quickly escalate based on extra functionalities you may request. Let’s consider extra features of a tip calculator that can deploy in a real-work environment.

Features of Your App Calculator

First, you may want tips to be calculated based on customers’ opinions on the quality of service. The higher the tip, the higher their satisfaction with the client. They should also be able to input a custom tip amount if need be. Your tip calculator app should provide the management of the restaurant with a dashboard to track total revenue and total tips. The trend would be a great indicator of growth or threat of decline, prompting corrective action.
Another important feature of a tip calculator app is the ability to split the bill. Some apps are powerful to the extent of splitting the bill among 99 people.

UI of Your App Calculator

Besides features, you want a simple UI that people working in a busy environment can use. You’d therefore expect the development team to include a UI-designer to think through the front-end of your app and come up with a clean design that also integrates with your brand’s colours.
Overall, the development hours of such an app would not exceed 100 hours, inclusive of prototyping, coding, testing, and launching. Assuming you are hiring a US-based development team for the project, it should not cost you more than $10,000 to build a minimum viable product. If you are seeking to develop a mobile app for your business, reach out to NS804 for world class app development services.

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