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Promoting your App through Apple Search Ads

Apple providers Apple Search Ads as an advertising service to help developers promote their apps. Developers can set up ad campaigns with predetermined monthly budgets and have them displayed to relevant users. With over 2 million apps listed on the App Store, gaining visibility is extremely difficult. A paid campaign allows developers to showcase the […]

iOS App Security Best Practices (2024 Guide)

In the ever-changing digital landscape, iOS app security has never been more crucial. With the increasing reliance on mobile applications for many things ranging from healthcare to financial transactions, the potential risks associated with potential breaches continue to grow exponentially. In 2024 especially, app security is growing by depth and sophistication. Attackers used the latest […]

Understanding The Third-Party Android App Store Marketplace / 5 Best Third-Party Android App Store Marketplaces

Third-party Android app store marketplace is an alternative platform outside the official Google Play Store. In the third-party Android marketplace, users can discover, explore, download, and install Android apps. Google Play Store is owned and controlled by Google and has strict app publishing guidelines and requirement. However, third-party Android app store marketplace marketplace offers a […]

What Android Developers Need To Know About Google Play Submissions (2024 Guide)

Google Play Store is the original and biggest store for Android apps. As of 2024, there are over 3.3 million apps listed on Google Play Store. The store organizes apps into categories to help users find apps more easily. There are features such as charts indicating the highest rated and most downloaded apps in each […]

App Store Submissions For iOS Developers (2024 Guide)

The App Store is undoubtedly one of the most successful digital storefronts ever conceived. And that’s proven by a barrage of App Store submissions, ultimately leading to approximately 36 billion iOS mobile downloads in 2024. Interestingly, Google Play’s 129 billion mobile app downloads overwhelmingly surpass the App Store’s download figures. But that’s due to the […]

What Are The Latest Custom Mobile App Trends

With over 2 billion smartphone owners worldwide, the custom mobile app industry is not about to slow down its rapid growth. It is estimated the average person uses their phone over 250 times every day calling, texting, social media, making payments, and so much more. Smart devices are a ubiquitous part of modern life today […]