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10 Kinds of Mobile Apps with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that simulates human intelligence in machines to help machines perform certain tasks that require human intelligence, such as learning, decision-making, and problem-solving. In the context of mobile applications, AI is revolutionizing how users interact and adapt to their apps. This is achieved by building apps that can […]

iOS App Development Trends in 2024

iOS app development continues to evolve in the face of advancing technology and changing user preferences. Developers in 2024 find themselves with a myriad of possibilities in what they can build but also high user expectations on app quality, interactivity, and data privacy. In the iOS space, the biggest conversations are around what the Swift […]

The NS804 Process for Custom App Development

At NS804, we are fully committed to delivering the highest quality applications possible with every custom app development project we undertake. When clients commission us to build custom mobile applications, we know they expect world-class solutions to the problems they want to solve. Custom app development projects are quite different from off-the-shelf solutions. First, they […]

Android App Development Trends 2024

The year has barely begun, and we’re already seeing significant shifts in the mobile app space. Moreover, 2024 promises many exciting Android app development trends that will turn heads. But how can we be so confident that notable changes will occur on the Android platform this year? We see a stronger emphasis on quality, a […]

Strategies for Building a Loyal User Base in Mobile Apps

The statistics on the success of mobile apps reveal just how difficult it is to build a loyal customer base. 25% of people uninstall mobile apps immediately after downloading and using them just once. Over 70% of mobile apps are uninstalled within 90 days. There are numerous reasons why over 99% of all app projects […]

Mobile App Maintenance: The Importance Of Regular App Updates

Few first-time appreneurs and developers consider mobile app maintenance when laboring away on their debut projects. And that’s reckless, to put it mildly, as app development is a long process that doesn’t end at launch. Users and the app stores expect apps to receive regular updates months or even years after their initial releases.  But […]

Strategies for Global Market Expansion in App Development

Global market expansion in the context of mobile app development is the strategic process of expanding the global reach of an app beyond its initial domestic market. It involves adapting the app to suit the needs, preferences, and cultural nuances of people and users in other demographics around the world. This expansion goes beyond mere […]

Demystifying Technology Obsolescence – Future Proofing Your Mobile App

In the fast-growing technological landscape, the term ‘technology obsolescence’ refers to the process through which a particular technology, software, or product is outdated, replaced, or completely discontinued. This phenomenon can be caused by various factors including the emergence of new forms of technology, changes in user preferences, and rapid changes in software and hardware products. […]

Turning App Dreams into Profitable Realities with Monetization Strategies

Understanding App Monetization Strategies Before starting any mobile app development project, it is important to understand the various monetization strategies available and pick the right one. Mobile app development projects are major undertakings and thus it is important to have revenue projections to complete and sustain the app in its lifetime. Your app monetization strategy […]

10 Legal Concerns in Mobile App Development

The mobile app landscape has grown by leaps and bounds, opening up opportunities for developers and programmers. However, amid the excitement of creating innovative and user-friendly applications, mobile app developers face many legal concerns because these applications deal with user information. The fact that applications handle, process, and store sensitive consumer information raises several legal […]