Not Getting the Mobile App Support You Need? 4 Reasons to Find a New Partner

Choosing a mobile app development partner is a like choosing a business or life partner. You will need their support well after the initial launch of your mobile app. Companies that have internal product development teams have it a bit easier because they can add talent to the team whenever necessary. However, when working with an external development team, you must do proper due diligence to establish whether you can work with them over the long haul.

If you are currently facing frustrations with your developer, there are numerous reasons why you might want to work with a different partner. You can use these reasons as a checklist when shopping for a new development team.


Familiarity with Current Technologies and Best Practices

When choosing a new development partner, establish whether they are familiar with or already employing technologies considered standard in building mobile apps similar to yours. In fact, it would be prudent to engage the services of a consultant to determine which development languages and frameworks the developer should be proficient in.

Further, the development team should employ industry best practices when building the project. For instance, documentation is quite important when writing code. This ensures easier maintenance of your app even if an internal product team takes over from the external team.

Working Methods and Communication

Culture clash is a major point of concern whenever you are picking a development partner for a long-haul project. Are your working methods compatible with yours? It’s best to work with a development company that has a proper team where members have clear-cut roles. They should also be willing to provide a liaison person for the duration of your partnership. A team is always better than one developer. With the former, continuity is somewhat assured even when a team member exits the company.

Further, you should insist that all communication is properly documented. It should be clear from the onset how often update meetings should take place to avoid grey areas on important issues.

Experience Building Mobile Apps

The value of experience when picking a company to entrust with a mobile app development project cannot be overstated. Experienced companies can give better approximations of the human resources, time, and cost of projects. They are also more aware of possible pitfalls and take action to prevent the project from stalling. When committing significant resources towards the development of a mobile app, you will be more at ease entrusting the project to a team that has handled similar projects successfully in the past.


Business Understanding

Whereas the technical competence is the most important factor in deciding on a mobile app development partner, business understanding is equally important. The potential partner should be able to see how the mobile app contributes to your company’s bottom line. They should see features from a customer’s point of view. Conversations about what features to prioritize or even the minimum viable product for a new project should be anchored on giving the most value possible to customers.

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