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To build a successful mobile application for your business in Richmond, perhaps the most important decision is the app development partner to work with. Regardless of the sector in which your business operates, you require a dedicated team to design, build, and deliver your application within numerous constraints such as time, budget, security guarantees, and the promise of technical support after launch.

At NS804, we pride ourselves on delivering tens of mobile applications for businesses in Richmond and the wider Virginia. In this post,  we highlight things you need to look out for when searching for the right app development partner for your next app project.




Innovation and Creativity

At NS804, we not only keep stride with current trends in mobile application development, but we also build apps that can stay in use for years. When we design projects, we ensure that they can scale as the number of users grows. Equally important is the ability to keep releasing updates for the application without sacrificing performance, availability, or security.  With each product, we ask what the best solution would be given the technology available. Each project presents an opportunity to push technological boundaries.

User-Centric Approach

It is critical for us at NS804 to fully understand the client’s needs and build applications that fully meet their expectations. Through collaboration at each stage of the project management, we can replicate a winning formula over and over. Where necessary, we design and conduct surveys to understand user needs, and test and iterate various solutions before building a final product.

Technical Skills

At NS804, we maintain a rich pool of talent to meet the technical demands of all our projects. Whether it’s emerging development languages or new platforms for building and deploying projects more quickly, we keep in step with all of them. We have in-house policies to ensure this remains the case over time. We have a rich knowledge bank to ensure future projects benefit from the learnings of past ones.

To stay relevant to the market, we are constantly keeping up with emerging trends in application features. Currently, such things as voice command and AI-driven capabilities are becoming increasingly important to clients in Richmond and beyond. Sometimes, we make these suggestions to clients during the project design process.

Quality Assurance

One of the benefits of working with a well-resourced software development company is the promise of quality assurance processes. At NS804, we ensure that every project has the right mix of talented and experienced individuals. We also dedicate sufficient resources and time for vigorous testing of features before release. We realize the potential risks that come with putting out a suboptimal product in the market. Clients face financial and reputational risk in case of glitches in sensitive applications in the market.

We prioritize the reliability of our apps over speed of delivery. This model has worked very well over the hundreds of projects handled for clients over the years.

Agile Delivery

We believe in delivering projects over several sprints while keeping the clients well-informed throughout. We build features incrementally, test, improve, and iterate until we ship the mobile application. This allows projects to evolve organically while taking in feedback during the entire process. The method also considers the needed speed of delivery of the project. We can have features built simultaneously by adding more people to the team. The frequent stand-up meetings add accountability to the entire process. Clients will often appoint a liaison person who is kept briefed during the life of the project.  

Rich Portfolio of App Development in Richmond

Our long list of clients who have worked with us is the biggest testament to our working methods. We have built apps for clients in different sectors such as financial services, car sales, energy, online dating, and more. Some apps are customer-facing while others are meant to support internal operations for clients. As pointed out earlier, we strive to maintain a rich pool of experienced developers who can carry their knowledge forward to future projects.

Well-defined Processes and Project Management Team

At NS804, it is important that we maintain process to be followed when handling every new project. The existence of such processes is important so that we assure clients of continuity and product quality even when some of our staff inevitably move on. We see every project as having several phases, each with a list of deliverables. The initial discovery phase involves a lot of research and brainstorming. The second and third phases are prototyping and approval of designs by the client.

The existence of these phases helps in making predictions about delivery times. The phases also help in preparing project budgets for clients.

Each project is reviewed objectively using metrics linked to project constraints. For instance, if a project is set to take longer than initially expected, the client already knows why that may have happened. Any adjustments to the deliverables only happen with the participation of the clients.




Ethics in App Development

Good mobile application development practice requires paying attention to how a product affects the daily life of intended users. A small decision or oversight in the development phase could have such a big impact downstream. The developers must make it clear to users what personal information the app requires to collect and they will use such information to improve the app. In addition, the client’s business must ensure that any personal information kept is safe from theft or other forms of breach that might result in liability.

There are other ethical discussions on privacy currently happening, especially in the social media and entertainment spaces. Questions have been raised on whether some designs are too addictive to users and what role developers have in protecting the wellness of users. A good development company does not shy away from such questions but instead seeks to understand the position of the client on such matters.

Long-term vision

At NS804, we seek to build long-lasting relationships with the clients for whom we build projects. Long after delivering most projects, we provide technical support and user training when required. We also help build roadmaps for products which allow us to work with clients for the long haul. During this period, we take on and implement new features from clients while tweaking existing ones. Through this approach, we become actual stakeholders in the success of our clients.

NS804 App Development in Richmond

NS804 is undoubtedly the best app development company in Richmond. Our rich portfolio of projects and clients in multiple industries means we have a wealth of experience to enable us to deliver even the most complex of projects today. As highlighted, we keep a rich pool of talent who are constantly growing their skills in emerging technologies and development frameworks. Ethical considerations are at the forefront of all our projects. We seek to protect clients from any liabilities and keep them briefed on all goings-on during the projects.

Picking the right app development partner is the first step towards a successful project. If you are in Richmond or the wider Virginia region, reach out to us for a discussion about your next project. Our team will hold detailed discussions on how best to deliver a project to meet your needs and within your constraints.


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