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What Makes UberEats a Great App?

UberEats is one of the fastest growing and most popular food delivery apps in the world. The app has been able to grow in user base in developing nations too where the home delivery service market is not as mature as first world countries. One of the main factors for this success is the manner in which the UberEats app delivers a great user experience.

Contrasting the App with Restaurants Walk-Ins

When people walk into a restaurant, they get immersed into a different environment from when they were outside. The temperature, the aroma, the background music, and the sound of activities in the kitchen all contribute to the feel of the restaurant. It’s quite tough to attempt and recreate such immersion on the app.

UberEats have managed to do this well by making restaurants a key focus on the app. When users open the app and go to the search bar, there are already suggestions of popular places to order from based on location. This is a different approach from suggesting the type of food to order. By clicking on a specific restaurant or searching for it, users can then proceed to browse that restaurant’s menu.


The photography of meals on restaurant menus is extremely important for user experience. All photography work is done by a professional. UberEats oversees the photography so that the standard of quality remains consistent. It’s important for the overall feel of the app for users. Some users may feel that photos take precedence over prices or other restaurant information. However, most users are quite happy with this interface.


Another advantage for users on UberEats is the number of choices users have in terms of food categories. While restaurants are the main way to find food choices, users can opt to browse food categories. This is especially great for people who love experimenting, thus adding more utility to the app. In addition, it’s possible to make an order on behalf of someone else and have it delivered to their location.

Easy Checkout

The success of any food delivery app is heavily dependent on the amount of convenience offered to users. Is it easier for a hungry user to get on the app and order or step from their office or home to the nearby restaurant?

To keep using the app, users must feel that it offers them a quick way to satiate their hunger. If the ordering process is too slow or complicated, they will exit the app. Uber solves this by making it easy to add items to the cart, customize orders, and check out. People can also save several payment methods on the app. The whole ordering process does not take more than a few clicks and minutes.

Order Tracking

Order tracking on food delivery apps is important in giving assurance that an order will indeed be delivered within the promised time. Once users pay on UberEats, they are redirected to a screen where they can track their order.

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