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How COVID-19 is Improving Efficiency

COVID-19 is Improving Efficiency, Surprisingly

As COVID-19 completely changed the working landscape, many businesses and industries were forced to scale back their operations in 2020. Slowing down operations and scaling back can actually be beneficial for business executives and upper management in gaining a better understanding of their systems and procedures in place. This can highlight inefficiencies in processes and procedures set in place within organizations. Even with many company’s feeling a strong negative impact from the pandemic, COVID-19 is improving efficiency in surprising ways.

Understanding where these inefficiencies exist grants better insight which can then be leveraged to optimize these processes and procedures and eliminate organizational waste. Staffing has always been a crucial organizational function. Getting the right people in the right roles is integral for the mainstream transition to work-from-home practices, remote operations, and remote work environments in general.

Business productivity and overall operations may have slowed since the onset of COVID-19, however individuals within organizations have seen an increase in production and individual efficiency. This is important to note because it marks an encouraging trend for businesses looking to ramp up operations in the near future, while maintaining a remote environment for employees.

The Uptick in Individual Performance

The increase in individual performance is the result many COVID-19 related factors. The general shift to the work-from-home environment has freed up employee time by eliminating certain aspects of the daily routine like the commute to and from work. This shift also inspired many businesses to integrate more technology into their operations in order to streamline processes and procedures that were common.

One mobile-app that’s making waves in the sense of streamlining internal operations is an app that scans documents into pdfs. This has traditionally been accomplished with a large, expensive, and complicated piece of machinery. Transitioning from this outdated practice to a more modern approach, with the use of a mobile-app is just one example of how remote professionals are managing to keep up with in-office practices and increase their individual production on a variety of tasks.

In 42 surveyed businesses, over 60% reported an increase in individual efficiency and production since the onset of COVID-19, and the integration of remote business environments. Simultaneously, only 10% of companies reported that COVID-19 didn’t impact individual productivity at all. This shows one of the ways that COVID-19 is improving efficiency on a granular scale, while overall company production may still present a downturn.

As businesses rebound from COVID-19, and more companies transition to a full time work-from-home basis, building efficiency into an organization is vital to staying competitive in 2020. Efficiency goes hand-in-hand with developing a culture of continual-improvement which drives important business metrics like employee and customer satisfaction. These are important elements to building a valuable book of business full of repeat customers.

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