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5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an App Development Partner

Choosing the right app development partner can make the difference between a stalled project and one that runs smoothly to completion. The right developer must understand your business needs, budget, and working methods. They must make the right customizations without sacrificing the quality of the product. Here are some important questions to ask before choosing an app development partner.

1. Ask for their Portfolio

Before settling on a development partner, it’s important to establish that they have the right experience working on projects like yours. Inquire about app projects they have handled before and the popularity of such apps. If possible, find those apps and review their UI/UX designs and performance. App development contracts are expensive to cancel because of the sunk costs you’ll have incurred. Pick the right partner.

2. Get a Quote

App development is an expensive undertaking. Software engineers in the US earn over $100 an hour. Therefore, you’ll need a development partner that can deliver projects within your budget range. Get a detailed breakdown of the round figure they provide. Ensure they include any costs that may arise after the initial launch. It’s best to have the development partner remain on board well beyond the launch to help you with subsequent versions of the app.

3. Ask About Communication Methods

The working methods of the development company need to be agreeable for you. It’s best when they can provide a lead through whom all communication passes. They should be able to give weekly reports on the progress of the project. Inquire about how the company has handled communication during previous projects and any challenges that might have arisen. If they offer genuine feedback, that’s a good sign. Similarly, your business should have picked a liaison to follow up on the project with the vendor’s lead.

4. Inquire On Security Measures

App security is a grave matter, especially for e-commerce apps. Therefore, ask about the security challenges that the developer expects and the measures they will put up. If your business needs a consultant, you can involve one in the process to help pick the best development partner.

Once the development phase is done, there needs to be thorough testing to establish that indeed any security issues have been addressed.

5. Get a Timeline of the Delivery Process

A major challenge for many app development projects is that they extend beyond the intended deadline. Ask the prospective developer to identify milestones for the projects and the deadline for each. This will help you hold them to account. Holding weekly stand-ups with the developers is helpful in ensuring that any delays are caught early. Reasonable extensions can be granted. Requesting milestones sends the message to the developer that the client is really invested in the project.

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