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Software Companies and The Work From Home Wave

Why More and More Software Companies Will Offer Work From Home

The global pandemic has forced business owners, entrepreneurs, and full corporations to make massive pivots in the way they conduct business. While social-distancing becomes the norm; so too does the request to work from home. While some industries are struggling with making the transition, software companies have a leg up in this department. Due to the technical and computer-based nature of software development companies; employees are often able to perform the full spectrum of their jobs from remote locations. A massive benefit in the unprecedented times of today.

Work from home accomodations used to be reserved for the highest level employees such as upper management, and those who have “earned their salt” so to speak. However, with the life-threatening reality of COVID-19; companies are making work from home accomodations much more widely available. A responsible decision that prioritizes the health and wellness of their employees, rather than the bureaucracy of working in an office just because that’s the norm.

Software companies and tech companies alike are aware of the long-lasting impact that this pandemic is going to cause. In response, some are offering work from home accommodations far past the expected “reopening” dates.

Industry Leaders Pave the Path Forward

Rich Barton, who founded the Microsoft spinoff company, Expedia and is the co-founder and CEO of Zillow has actually gone as far as extending these accommodations to his employees through the end of 2020.

Rich Barton and Zillow aren’t the only companies offering extended work from home accomodations. They’re joined by the ranks of other tech giants and software development companies like Microsoft who is allowing work from home through the end of October. Slack, the popular instant messaging platform that enables robust internal communication is offering their employees the option to work from their homes through September.

As these industry-leading companies pave the way forward in terms of how the future software development and tech industries will operate, more and more companies will follow suit. Considering most software development can be conducted from anywhere around the world as long as there’s strong internet access is reasoning enough to allow development teams to work from the comfort of their home.

Allowing software development teams and tech professionals the ability to work from home, shows employees dedication to their health and safety above all else. This in turn leads to a higher rate of employee satisfaction, which contributes to a harder working, and more dedicated staff. All in all, the pandemic has taught society a lot about the way the market functions; and the software development industry has remained relatively unscathed through and through. Luckily, the work from home transition for software companies is loads easier than it has been for other industries.

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