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Mobile App Vs Web App vs Website. Which is Better and Why?

As more of the global internet traffic continues to flow through mobile devices, organizations are seeking to implement a digital strategy. The development of IoT technology and the rollout of 5G networks will push more businesses to operate digitally only. Such companies will need to decide between a mobile app, a web app, and a website. What’s the difference?

Mobile Websites

A mobile website is responsive so that users with different screen sizes can have an optimal experience. Websites are great because they are accessible from all devices that have a browser. This is unlike mobile apps built for specific operating systems (Android and iOS in most cases). Websites are a great fit when little to no interaction with users is necessary.

A non-profit organization that needs to share information about its activities, its location, and upcoming events would find a website useful. Websites cost little compared to apps. You can build and launch a site within days or weeks.

Web Application

Web apps are websites with more interaction between the users and the user interface. They are great because users can access them on any device. Online banking websites, social media sites, and travel booking sites and great examples of web applications. Users do not have to perform any updates as developers improve upon functionality and appearance.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps o perform in specific environments and users have to install new updates every so often. These apps are powerful because they allow users to customize their experience. They also track user behavior so that the business can send important custom communication based on profiles from data collected. A great advantage of mobile applications is that they can work offline, something web applications cannot. Mobile apps can take advantage of device capabilities such as camera quality. Monitoring mobile app performance also informs updates.

The Choice Between Mobile App, Website, and Web App

The decision to build a website, web app or mobile app really depends on organizational needs. To offer maximum performance, scalability, user tracking, and the most interactive features, though, a mobile app would be the best solution.