4 Ways to Leverage Push Notifications

The average smartphone user engages with over 27 apps in a year. The competition for user attention is obviously high and push notifications can help boost engagement with users. Push notifications have a click-through rate as high as 80% meaning they are more than an effective way to bring users back to the app.

To make the best use of these notifications, here are some strategic ways to deploy push notifications.

1. Abandoned Cart Reminders

More than 75% of online shoppers abandon their carts before completing intended transactions. Most of these abandonments represent a sale that is lost forever. You can use notifications to nudge customers to revisit the app and complete the purchase.

2. Back In Stock Notifications

What happens when a customer searches for an item, but it is out of stock? One option would be to prompt the customer to opt into an alert so that they receive a notification once the item is back-in-stock. An alert might prompt customers to think about the item again when they had perhaps forgotten about it.

3. Shipping Updates

When it takes several days for products to hit customers’ doors, it might be a good idea to keep them in the loop about the progress of their order. Send a notification each time the order progresses to the next step. It keeps clients patient and it eliminates the need for customers to keep calling to ask about the progress of their order.

4. Price Changes Push Notifications

When a customer fails to purchase an item due to its current price, you can use push notifications to alert them about a price drop in that item. You could also notify them of any promos you might be running on your app.

It’s important to note that push notifications can also be used even when you do not have an app. Notifications can be sent as an advertisement from a browser in the user’s device. To learn more on push notifications and app development, reach out to NS804. We are an app development company with hundreds of applications shipped worldwide.


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