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Assume that you run a car rental service. You have a large fleet of cars and customers have to come to your yard to pick up their cars. What if you could have a concierge driver to drop off cars to your customers? What if a dealership could offer optional concierge services for free for all new car purchases? Enter HopDrive. A new service that allows dealerships, individual customers, and other businesses to request drivers to move cars within a 30-mile radius.


Concierge Services are Growing in Demand

The concierge services space has been growing rapidly thus changing how people consume services, conduct business, or even make purchases. Today, people can shop for groceries without leaving their office desks. People can stay years without walking into a banking hall. If you can order a taxi from your phone, then requesting a driver to move a vehicle is a service that creates its own demand.

For corporate and individual clients, HopDrive offers unique value propositions.

Saving Company Time

For busy professionals, time is an invaluable resource. If your business has hired vehicles for its staff members, you do not want them to spend precious company time picking up and dropping off the cars. You also do not need to hire a full-time driver for such a role. HopDrive drivers can come and move vehicles within 90 minutes of the request.

Revenue Growth

HopDrive can be a real revenue growth driver for your business. Service and repair shops in particular can benefit from offering pick-up and drop-off services for their customers. This way, your customer does not need to take time off from their busy schedule. Such a service will improve both your total cars handled as well as customer satisfaction.

For Dealerships

Dealerships regularly need to move vehicles as part of their operations. Lot balancing involves balancing out the number and models of vehicles across different locations. Hiring internal staff to move vehicles might sound feasible. However, some periods of the year are much slower than others. Hiring staff is inefficient. With HopDrive, dealerships can find qualified drivers to ease their lot balancing work. Moving a car between dealership shops within hours instead of days can lead to more revenue when you close deals you would otherwise have lost.

Dealerships can also request drivers to handle ad-hoc tasks such as post-auction pickups. Other dealerships have used HopDrive to deliver cars for at-home test drives for potential buyers. The range of potential use cases is wide.

Insurance Cover

It’s worth noting that HopDrive takes out insurance for vehicles when moving them. This covers car damage resulting from collisions or any liability that might arise directly from an accident. This is a huge expense taken off the hands of corporate clients who have huge fleets of vehicles.

HopDrive also takes up the work of screening drivers to ensure they have a valid U. S driving license and active vehicle insurance too. They also check the driving record and criminal history of potential drivers.

Extra Revenue for Qualified Drivers

Working as a driver for taxi-hailing services can be an expensive affair. Drivers use their own cars thus bearing wear-and-tear costs on top of fuel and depreciation costs. HopDrive is an alternative way to leverage driving experience to make money. The sign-up process is strict but straightforward and qualified persons can start earning almost immediately after background checks.

The driver app is heavy on analytics. Drivers can see their reviews although they are anonymized. Better-rated drivers can naturally expect to receive more requests for work.



User Interface

The design to the application is deliberately easy and friendly to get used to. Anyone who has used an app to order a meal, request a cab, or even to access banking services will find it very intuitive to use. The choice of colors reflects the brand of HopDrive, which rebranded from Social Auto Transport two years ago.

The app provides a dashboard where drivers can monitor their activity. They can see the number of completed trips, earnings, and reviews as well. The application makes it easy for drivers to determine their tax liabilities using an inbuilt module to track income.


When HopDrive decided to build its app, the management entrusted the task to NS804. The team at NS804 undertook the rigorous process of drawing out product specifications, designing interfaces and portals for different classes of users, as well as weaving up the backend of the HopDrive app. The final product is a culmination of months of building, testing, fixing, and finally rolling out the app.

Check out more of the work that NS804 does for corporate clients needing truly easy-to-use and profitable business applications. We are a world-class mobile app development company with hundreds of successful apps built for clients. Schedule a call with us today.

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