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How to Boost User Acquisition and Retention for Your Mobile App

In 2018, only 0.01% of all released apps were financially successful. Mobile apps don’t get popular based on their performance and user experience alone. You need a strong marketing plan to join the elite list of successful app developers. Here is how you can increase user acquisition and retention for your mobile app.

1. Optimize App Store

App Store optimization is all about updating your app keywords, icon, title, description, preview videos, and screenshots so they always appear fresh and continue to attract new users. For instance, you can use the holiday season to your advantage, such as adding a new discount in the Christmas season.

2. Invest in Paid Advertising

With paid ads, you can increase your reach to a large audience while at the same time; you can build extra touchpoints to connect with the existing user base.

  • Create multiple CTAs and ads. Pay attention to users across different funnel stages to make them download and purchase your app.
  • Leverage audience targeting and utilize interests, demographics, and behaviors to design personalized ads. However, avoid going too specific and target at least an audience of 100K.
  • Focus on designing a series of landing pages for your mobile app. Include the features and a meaty value proposition for conversions.

3. Focus on Reviews and Ratings

A significant chunk of users assesses the reviews of an app to decide whether it is worth downloading. Reviews show users what they are missing out, encouraging them to download the app. Therefore, it is important to get as many positive reviews and ratings as you can to increase your user acquisition. Also, add a feedback section so users can contribute and let you know about their opinions. Here are some tricks to get positive reviews.

  • Use push notifications to ask for feedback.
  • Incentivize positive reviews.
  • Share your app on multiple review platforms.

4. Develop a Website

Build a website that serves as the guide for your mobile app. Post videos showing the importance of your app and demonstrate how it works. Furthermore, you can take advantage of tools like smart banners to connect your site to the app store and upload screenshots. Taking your website traffic to your mobile is a productive method to boost native app users. An effective website is also an excellent channel for brand awareness.

5. Formulate an Incentivization Program

You should provide your users with incentives to increase retention. This is done via mobile-specific rewards, special offers, coupons, and specialized content access. Usually, the nature of the app dictates your incentivization model. For instance, if your app supports in-app purchasing, you can implement time-sensitive discounts. On the contrary, freemium apps can benefit their users and boost retention by offering usage-based rewards. For example, take a look at the Starbucks App. Users are rewarded with loyalty points every time they buy a cup of coffee.

6. Integrate Push Notifications

Push notifications can increase user retention from 56% to 180% improvement. Users who approve of them are known to have a higher engagement rate with apps. This strategy is used for essential and particular functions. With the right implementation, you can ensure greater app usage by utilizing behavior data and preferences with targeted messaging on your push notifications. If your app offers extremely specific use and is unlikely to be used daily, you can compel users to return with push notifications via a promotion or discount on a service or product.

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