The Bottom Line: 3 App Management Costs to Consider Upon Launching

When your business is planning for the development of an app, it must also consider and budget for the annual app management or maintenance costs. The lack of a maintenance budget might jeopardize everything that the business has been working on.

In the US, the rate of app uninstalls is 43%. This is often caused by buggy features that stay too long without fixing. As such, a maintenance budget is a lifeline for your mobile app.

App Management: Responding to Feedback

When users download and begin using your app the first time, they’ll offer feedback on the features they like or how such features could work differently. It’s upon the development team to sieve such feedback and implement what is viable. Doing so quickly and offering frequent feedback will reduce the uninstalls of your mobile app.

Improving the UX

A development budget will help your development team to improve the user experience based on user behaviors. If certain features are important to users, it should be easy to navigate them. When certain pages are resulting in exits from the app, perhaps they are choking points that need UI redesign. All such feedback is important in improving loyalty and retention.

Responding to Security Threats

What if your app suffers a cyber-attack? This always is a real possibility, especially when the app handles sensitive data. You should improve app security continually to prevent emerging threats. Security updates are quite reassuring to users.

A sufficient budget means that even when downtime occurs, it does not last more than a few hours. Even those hours can mean a significant loss of revenue and mass uninstallations. 

If your business is planning a mobile app development project, you must plan for app management and maintenance costs of at least 20% of the development budget. Working with an experienced software development company is important because they are better placed to foresee potential drivers of maintenance costs.

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