3 Ways an App Can Improve Customer Retention

Customer retention is an essential concept in marketing and refers to the ability of a company to turn new customers into frequent customers. Further, customer retention allows a company to grow the customer lifetime value of customers either by selling them more existing products or creating new innovations to suit their needs. Creating a mobile app is a great way to keep in touch with customers, build a better profile of each of them, and customize offerings. Here are specific ways apps help improve customer retention.

Push Notifications

Push notifications can improve customers’ interactions with an app by over 800%.  Notifications are great for re-engaging customers by reminding them to complete purchases. Most people do not view push notifications as intrusive and yet they are a great way to draw attention to the app. Combining loyalty rewards with push notifications can be a powerful way to keep customers coming back.

In-App Messaging Feature

An in-app messaging feature is a powerful way to provide timely information to customers without them having to leave the platform. A sales representative for instance, can help a customer make a decision on the right subscription service or product within the platform. It’s a low-cost feature that makes a great difference because customers feel like they can access information when they need to.

Email Campaign for Customer Retention

Apps are a great tool in an age where marketing has become hyper-focused on individual customers. By fine-tuning marketing messaging, businesses are able to realize a greater return on marketing spending. Apps allow companies to track individual customer browsing trends. This together with demographic information, past purchase history, and other relevant information builds customer profiles. The company can then send personalized emails to customers. For instance, customers can be nudged with an offer when they fail to renew a subscription. Loyal customers can receive rewards while those on a low-tier subscription can be enticed to upgrade.

Apps are indeed a powerful tool when aiming to increase customer retention. At NS804, we specialize in delivering truly world-class mobile business apps that will maximize business ROI. Reach out to us today for a conversation about your app.

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