4 Benefits of Incorporating Apps to Improve Employee Culture

Organizations think about workplace apps in terms of their influence on employee productivity. Apps are good for improving output or they are a hindrance to output. However, beyond productivity, apps can influence employee culture by improving collaboration and communication. Organizational leaders can be strategic about the type of information they share, the frequency, and the tone to influence culture.

Here are 4 benefits of incorporating apps to improve employee culture.

1. You Can Use Apps to Share Positive Content

When a business builds an internal app for employees, the type of content shared there can build positivity among employees. The organization can curate and share stories of people’s growth within the organization, their highlights, and what they are looking forward to. Such stories will inspire other employees to think about their own careers. Other common themes to focus on would be inclusiveness, customer service, innovativeness, and integrity.

2. Apps Increase Engagement with Employees

An internal employee app can be a platform for employees to share, discuss, and brainstorm on issues at the workplace. If a new tool is being introduced, the platform is a great place for people to share their thoughts, fears, and excitement. The management should strive to make the platform as democratic as possible. They can take the feedback and use it to improve the workplace experience for staff. Such platforms keep the employees engaged and can heavily influence the organizational culture positively.

3. Single Source of Information

In a big organization, misinformation can be highly detrimental to people’s morale, and it can quickly chip away at the culture of an organization.

The app can serve as a central place from where to disseminate information about happenings within the organization. Whether it’s good or bad news, an official statement leaves no room for rumors. In addition, sharing news openly with employees sends the message that the internal leadership of the organization is transparent and open to feedback. Employees are more likely to be forthcoming with information when the organization has already set a precedent for open communication.

Not to mention, an app enables organizations to send out information in rea-time to all employees simultaneously. Employees get to read the information at their own time, thus minimizing disruptions to their workflow.

4. Apps are Great for Branding

An employee app is a great channel for extending the organization’s brand. The colors, layout, and logo on the app should reflect the brand’s visual identity and they should give employees a sense of belonging. They should be able to login and track useful information about their relationship with the organization. This includes their pay and benefits, positions they have applied for, openings, upcoming events, and so on.

Analytics On the App

An employee app can have inbuilt analytics to track user behavior which can inform decision-making. The organization can see the number of users per day, week, or month. This can be a good measure of how engaged employees are. Declining user numbers might warrant a reaction by the organization, including a refresh of the content or a rebrand of the app.

If your organization is considering developing an app to foster employee culture, NS804 can help design and build the app. We will help craft an MVP with all the most important features to keep your employees fully engaged. Reach out to us for a free consultation today.

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