4 Education Apps to Train Your Employees

Solving the training and upskilling problem is a major challenge for businesses that have employees spread out over a wide geographic area. Resources are limited and yet employees want to continually absorb new information. The rise of online learning platforms and the ease of course creation is a major boost for organizations today.

There are a range of employee education apps that offer unique abilities, such as course creation, assignments, in-app user guidance, personalized learning paths, gamification, and progress monitoring.

1. Corporate Learning Management Systems

Corporate Learning Management Systems (LMS) provide HR departments the ability to create courses to train their employees. They can also be used to train customers and to answer FAQs. It’s a great way to scale self-paced learning within an organization. Different LMS solutions are available, each with unique features over the others. LearnUpon and TalentLMS are popular options for medium and large enterprises.

2. Digital Adoption Platforms

These are tools that allow companies to create in-app content to guide users on how to use software applications. They are useful in helping onboard new hires and explain to familiarize them with the applications they will be using in their daily work.

3. Massive Open Online Courses Education Apps

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) are a great and affordable way for an organization to empower its employees with specific technical skills. Platforms such as Coursera and Udemy have helped millions of people attain skills such as programming, financial and data analysis, which are very useful in the corporate sector.

4. BoostHQ

This is an education app that allows users to share content with a select audience. Users can create channels where they push content on a specific topic. The content may be from any online content hosting platform. Its inbuilt analytics allow users to see how different content resonates with intended users.

If your organization is seeking to develop an employee app, consult NS804 for assistance with the preparation, building, and deployment of the application.


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