How to Find a Great Android App Developer Near You

If you conduct a simple web search for an ‘app developer near me’, you are likely to be bombarded with numerous organic results as well as a few ads. The results may overwhelm you if you do not have a strategy to find the right app developer. Therefore, even before you begin the search, you must have your objectives well laid out.

Understanding Objectives

Before bringing in a developer, prepare a list of all the app’s requirements. State the industry, the main features it will include, and the platforms you wish to avail to customers. You should link the features to tangible problems you are attempting to solve.

App Developer Background

Once you have laid out what you expect the developer to deliver, you should then lay out what you expect of the right developer in terms of their working methods. While it may be easier to work with a smaller company where your project is likely to form a significant portion of their revenue, there are advantages to working with bigger companies as well that have delivered numerous projects similar to yours.

Some development companies have a bias or specialization in building apps for certain industries. If your app has complex features that aren’t common in many other industries, you may want to work with a team that has specialized in your industry.


Culture and Working Methods

There are numerous cases of app development projects stalling because of a lack of fit between a client and the development team. Certain things such as communication styles can be picked up during the initial meetings. If you realize that a development company isn’t documenting requests properly or delays in providing feedback through official communication channels, then they are perhaps going to frustrate you down the road.

Past Clients

While conducting a search for an app developer in an area, it’s always a great idea to reach out to their past clients for honest reviews. It’s even better when the past clients are in the same industry as you are. Inquire whether projects were delivered on time, with the right specifications, and the nature of the working relationship with the development company.

Where to Find App Developers Near You

There are numerous platforms you can search to find app developers near you. You could use freelance platforms that vet professionals offering app and web development services.  The downside of this, however, is that reviews might be subject to manipulation.

A better option is to do a search on Google and review developers’ portfolios on their websites. By looking at past projects, you will gain confidence in their skills. Book a first meeting with them and have a discussion on your projects and listen to their understanding and interpretation of the deliverables. Other factors such as project pricing are important but shouldn’t take precedence over quality of work.


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