Innovative Ways to Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

A minimum viable product is a service or a good built to have enough features to satisfy early users. It is a product development approach meant to help builders concentrate and spend resources on the most important features of a product. It also reduces the time to market. The approach also helps to save money by testing the market with a stripped-down version of the product. When looking to build an MVP version of an application, here are some innovative ways to go about it.

Market Research

In whatever market you are looking to enter, it’s important to understand how competitors have positioned themselves. You need to know their product’s strengths and weaknesses. You need to collect enough data to develop and test hypotheses. Market research is therefore crucial in determining the features that will make your product stand out and generate enough traction in the market. You must develop the product on paper before the actual building begins.

Sketch Out the User Flow for the MVP

It’s important to put yourself in the shoes of the intended users of your product to ensure that the MVP satisfies the problem it should. Picture all the scenarios in which the user might intend to use the product. List down all the steps the user goes through to fulfill their need. You then should build your MVP around these steps so that the user experience is satisfying.

Pick the Best Features

Another way of going about the MVP is to list down all the features that a product may have. Next, you can categorize or order them according to their importance. Finally, pick only the best and most important features to include in the MVP. Your product development budget will dictate the number of auxiliary features to be included.

Once you have built your MVP, go through an initial testing phase. Get a few early adopters to try out the product and give feedback on how to improve it.

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