Discover New Ways to Tap Into Your Company’s Mobile App

A company mobile app is a great investment when looking to improve efficiency.  Mobile apps meant to improve customer service enable the company to understand individual customers by tracking the way they interact with the app. Besides showing a catalog of products, there are numerous other ways to improve the utility of a company’s mobile app. Here are new ways to utilize your company mobile app.

Adding a Loyalty Program

Integrating a loyalty program for customers who make purchases will not only improve loyalty to your product but will add the frequency of interaction between your customers and the app. In fact, a loyalty program may prompt customers who do not already have the app to get it to track their loyalty points.

Loyalty programs are great sources of data for segmenting customers by demographics, product preferences, and other metrics.

Task Resolution Tracking

What if customers could see the progress of orders and other requests sent to your company? If your company handles issues that take several hours or days to resolve or fulfill, a tracking dashboard would be useful for your customers. For instance, when a customer makes an order, they would be able to see the steps involved as well as an estimated time of fulfillment.

Such transparency is great for your company’s reputation.


Chatbot for Your Company App

AI-powered chatbots are not a preserve of websites. They too can be integrated into well-built mobile apps. Chatbots mean that your internal customer service department will be less strained while customers get prompt answers to frequently asked questions. Chatbots can be used to book complaints and requests that need an actual person to fulfill. This way, customers need not call during office hours and wait to be served.

Push Notifications

Adding push notifications might require a major update to your already existing app but it is well worth it. Push notifications can be used to nudge customers to get back to abandoned carts. This can significantly impact company revenue positively. Push notifications are said to increase the level of app interaction by over 50%. However, there is a risk of an app becoming too intrusive if they over-use push notifications. There is a need for a strategy to determine the right purpose, timing, and frequency of use.

Blog and Useful Customer Resources

An app is a great channel to avail valuable resources to help customers understand and utilize products better. On the app, you might have a section where customers can read or watch how-to content. You might also include links to long-form articles hosted internally or externally on a blog. Some companies have forums where customers can discuss their experiences and challenges when using a company’s products. Such forums provide feedback that can shape a product’s roadmap.

There are numerous other ways to make the most of your company’s mobile app. Enabling social sharing will create more visibility for your brand. Ensure that your app is well-branded using the correct brand colors, brand fonts, and proper logo placement.

Working with the right app development partner is key to maximizing the ROI of your app. NS804 is a world-class app development company. Discover new ways to get the most out of your app today by scheduling a call with us here.


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