App Development in Charlotte

If you are seeking app development services in Charlotte, chances are that you will come across numerous ads promising to deliver your app as you envision it. But you may wonder what criteria you will use to pick the perfect app development partner.

At NS804, we have delivered hundreds of mobile app projects for business clients. When you choose to work with us, you are assured of accruing certain benefits:

Cross-Platform Development

Most app development clients in Charlotte want their business apps to be available across multiple platforms. Our team will choose the right cross-platform technology to enable the reuse of code in order to save you development costs without compromising performance and reliability.


Making Business Sense

Before any app development begins, it is crucial to conduct a thorough business case analysis. Our team at NS804 will help interrogate the viability of your app. We will help the design of the MVP to mitigate the business risk involved. In addition, as your app development partner in Charlotte, we will draw a product roadmap so that your app gets more features over time, while also taking on board user comments.

Great UI/UX Design

Your app’s ease of use is perhaps the greatest determinant of whether it gains traction and renders a positive ROI. Our team takes great effort into thinking about user journeys on mobile apps. The UIX/UX design of apps ought to make it easier for users to fulfill calls to action while also integrating branding into the interface.

Post-Launch Services

Once your app is live, the journey has only begun. You need to keep track of important metrics around your app. These might include the number of downloads, bounce rates, average session length, most popular pages, and so forth. During the app’s build, our team advises on the best tools to track user metrics.  Our team can also help you understand what each KPI means and the corrective actions to take where necessary. The app will always require new patches and updates to fix bugs, improve security, and add new features.


Teamwork and Experience

When picking an app development company in Charlotte, you want one that brings a wealth of experience, including building apps for companies in a similar industry as yours. NS804 brings vast knowledge from working with clients in multiple industries. Chances are that our team has delivered an app like what you envision for your company. Still, we will work to build a custom app from scratch for your needs.

Importantly, our working model ensures consistency and continuity in communication during the life of the project. By assigning your project to a team, you are assured of delivery even when a member exits the firm or any other eventuality happens. We will meet all your milestones on time.

To learn more about app development in Charlotte, schedule a call with us at NS804.

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