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Mobile Fitness Apps & Healthcare: 4 Benefits Health & Wellness to Tap Into

According to Straits Research, the value of the global fitness app market was north of $6.7 billion in 2021. The market is set to grow by a CAGR of 21.5% for the next decade. Therefore, app developers can get into the market and be part of that growth. These developers need to tap into certain benefits they are offering to a growing number of athletes and fitness-minded people. Here are a few of those features to consider during app development.

Fitness Content

Besides monitoring daily activity and keeping track of vital body metrics, fitness wearable technology is also a way to dispense educational content to people. Businesses should invest in researching and sharing information with users. They should package such information in ways that are easy and fast to consume to ensure it adds value to users and becomes a unique selling point.

Data and Analytics

 Businesses in the fitness app business should leverage information collected from users and use it to help users make better health decisions. Fitness data gives insight beyond the physiological element. They can interpret it to reveal emotions, preferences, and activity patterns. This information can be used to give users better tips on behavior modifications. These businesses can also use this information to make recommendations for in-app purchases, which then drives revenues higher.

Setting Personalized Goals

Fitness apps today have to give users the chance to set and track personal goals. This might include the number of steps to walk in a day, amount of water to drink, hours of sleep or number of active minutes in a day. These goals keep users coming back to the app and keep using it. The developers must work to provide an interactive interface for users and keep improving it with each new release.

Personal Trainer

An emerging trend in the fitness world is the ability to get personal training within an app. This can be achieved through a subscription model whereby users get access to lessons lasting 10 minutes up to an hour. Most times, these are body-weight exercises users can do in their house or outdoors. The other, more complex option, would be where users get a one-on-one session with a personal trainer. The business can use personal touch as a unique selling point, which is likely to draw users.

Diet Monitoring

Diet is a key concern for people who are trying to lead a healthy life. Most people struggle with making healthy meal choices, calorie tracking, and recipes. If an app can provide all or a combination of these features, they are likely to do well. When users see results of calorie tracking, they are more than likely to recommend it to friends.

Building the Right Fitness Apps

Conducting an in-depth assessment of the current market landscape is always extremely important when making the business case for an app. In order to gain traction, the app must provide a unique selling point or benefit other apps in the market are not offering.

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