Feedspot Ranks Top 100 Mobile App Blogs On The Internet – NS804 Top 60

The pursuit of creating a more accessible and dynamic market within the mobile app industry has been the main priority of NS804 since its founding in 2012. Created for everyday idea-people, appreneurs and entrepreneurs, and commercial businesses alike – NS804 has always prioritized the cultivation of knowledge.

To share as much as possible, assist in the spread of knowledge, and guide DIY designers to learn from both NS804’s prideful achievements, and humble lessons; NS804 blogs regularly. The NS804 blog has been an important part of this journey, offering a place of self-reflection, improvement, and brainstorming. Crucial ingredients to the core software of NS804 itself.

It is with great honor that NS804 is able to announce inclusion in the list of top 100 mobile-app blogs published by Feedspot.

Placing as the 60th blog on this list is a testament to the many hardworking people involved in the design services offered by NS804, and of course to the amazing clients and friends of the company with which NS804 has had the privilege of working.

Having only 8 years of history, NS804 is still very much in its first few phases. While the company is thrilled to be included on the list of the top 100 mobile app blogs on the internet, there is still plenty of room to improve, and strive for even greater heights.

Keeping clients, friends, and the everyday mobile-app developer in mind, NS804 is committed to showing continual improvement, and will always strive to provide the best, most up to date, and most helpful information possible.

NS804 expresses the most sincere gratitude to its readers and supporters.

Nick Jones, CEO

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