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5 Common UX Design Flaws to Avoid in Mobile Apps

Creating a Positive UX

UX design is an aspect of mobile app design that is fluid and continual in nature. Similar to many elements of a mobile app, a good UX design includes planned evolutions and updates. Therefore, including planned updates ensures that the UX remains modern. A current UX delivers the best experience possible to the modern audience and user base. On the other hand, UX design flaws can cause users to jump ship, and leave your mobile app a metaphorical ghost boat.

Besides keeping the mobile app UX current and updated, avoiding critical UX design flaws is also crucial. Specifically, GKM IT reported 77% of ‘user stops’ is due to a negative user experience. Therefore evidencing the importance of a positive UX that is intuitive and user friendly.

While there are many mistakes seasoned and beginner UX designers can make, understanding the most common will help get the UX design started on the right foot.

Five Flaws To Avoid in UX Design

It is the age of the appreneur, and with it being the opportune time to invest in a mobile app design, knowing the UX design flaws to avoid from the start saves loads of time down the road.

  1.  Aesthetic over function: Prioritizing aesthetic over function is a good way to chase users out the door. Providing a beautiful interface with additional media is beneficial to a mobile app. However, it needs to be balanced with the actual functionality as well. This can be a tricky balance to achieve, but the pursuit is well worthwhile.
  2. Non-responsive: Responsive design is simply a standard in 2020. Creating a mobile app without cross-platform adaptability just isn’t viable in today’s marketplace. Especially with the surge in mobile app users, the competition is more fierce than ever before.
  3. Unintuitive: Relating back to functionality, mobile apps need to be built with intuition in mind. A digital native should be able to enter any mobile-app and immediately have a sense of how to access the information they need. A smooth and intuitive design will keep users coming back day after day.
  4. Following the trends: There is an art to following trends and maintaining a uniqueness. Both are vital to creating modern mobile apps that are user friendly, while also standing out from the crowd. Since each element is so crucial to the success of a mobile app in the hyper-competitive marketplace, the blend should be influenced by the niche-market of the mobile-app and other mobile-app specifics.
  5. Poor font and contrast design: Keeping the content accessible means making it easy to read. This is a direct result of both the font design, and the color-contrast design. Users aren’t going to want to fight through a migraine just to use a mobile app.

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