The Secrets Of Successful Appreneurs

If you’re an aspiring appreneur, you’ve probably pondered on what it takes to launch successful apps. And if you’re an experienced developer with several releases under your belt, then you understand what it takes to succeed in such a competitive market. The process is fairly involved with many steps that you need to take to release a compelling app. Below, we reveal several valuable tips to make your upcoming app release truly special.

1. What Makes An Appreneur Different

While the business world does change, it usually transforms at a gradual pace. It’s common for many CEOs and entrepreneurs to play it safe, favoring stability instead of taking bold steps. However, the emergence of the appreneur has changed the game by being a disruptive and innovative force.

Today’s forward-thinking entrepreneurs have embraced current trends in mobile app development, allowing them to enhance business processes. And they no longer wait around for someone else to provide solutions. Instead, they seize the opportunity to design and create powerful apps that solve existing problems efficiently and smartly.

2. Know The Current Trends In Mobile App Development

The mobile app market is in constant flux, so take the time to investigate it further. For example, there was a period when native app development was the norm, but hybrid development has become more common in recent years.

In 2020, we’re witnessing the gradual adoption of 5G technology and foldable devices. But existing technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), chatbots, digital wallets, instant apps, on-demand apps, predictive analytics, and wearable devices have been trending upwards. If you’re planning on releasing your app in the immediate future, make sure to take advantage of these trends.

3. Finding Inspiration From App Stores

It’s seldom easy coming up with new app ideas that show potential. You may even start feeling burnt out as you peruse all your sticky notes and diagrams on the drawing board. Truth be told, that killer idea won’t always come from the isolated environment of your office, even if you’re consulting with talented individuals. Thus, it’s a good idea to regularly browse both the App Store and Google Play to find out which apps are setting the world on fire.

4. Understanding What Users Truly Want

Every competent appreneur places the user at the forefront of their mobile app development endeavors. One of the most important things you can do is understand what your users truly want. Regularly conduct user reviews and surveys, asking your users what their expectations, experiences, and frustrations are about your solutions and those from rivals. 

Furthermore, conduct behavioral research focusing on users’ emotions, feelings, barriers, and motivators. Collect and analyze this data, and design your app in a way that fits your users’ psychological profiles.

5. Remember The KISS Method

Let’s face the facts; developing apps is hard work. That’s why smart developers apply the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle. It’s a process of simplifying the design of applications by reducing code complexity and the number of interconnected parts. There are many benefits to this, such as easier collaboration among older and newer team members, a more straightforward debugging and testing process, and it’s just easier to add new functionality and implement changes. 

6. Come Up With Innovative Ideas Quickly

The app marketplace is always evolving, which means that developers need to come up with innovative ideas quickly. Appreneurs never stay still and are continuously brainstorming new ideas for their upcoming apps. 

So how do you come up with these valuable ideas in record time? Firstly, you should be asking if current apps are solving business or day-to-day problems effectively. Secondly, keep your ear to the ground by regularly perusing app stores, mobile app and tech blogs, and social media sites. Thirdly, build small prototypes regularly, and show these to team members and ask them for feedback or to iterate further on the more promising ideas.

7. Master App Store Optimization (ASO)

You’ve worked hard on your app and don’t want it to languish in obscurity upon release. An effective way to boost its visibility on digital storefronts is by mastering App Store Optimization (ASO). By successfully implementing ASO, you’ll be able to drive installs organically and gradually increase your app’s store rank. 

But what does ASO involve? There are several things that you’ll need to do, such as using keywords in your app’s title and description, categorizing your app correctly, inserting all relevant screenshots and other assets, and localizing your content. Furthermore, you can research how your competitors are implementing ASO and make the necessary adjustments to improve your app’s rank.

8. Look At Appreneur System Reviews 

Everyone learns differently. Some folks need to read books, while others prefer to view videos or purchase courseware to internalize those valuable app development skills. Several notable appreneurs have developed their own methodologies and systems to help you find success in the app stores. Read appreneur system reviews online to find out which method works for you. Amazon, LinkedIn, and dedicated mobile app development sites are all excellent resources.

9. Start Marketing Pre-Launch

Even if you find the marketing process intimidating, we recommend that you don’t leave it until the last minute. Start your marketing endeavors as early as possible, and follow a carefully planned and robust strategy.

Define your target audience by building buyer personas that serve as a representation of your customer base. These buyer personas will contain demographic and psychographic data of your potential customers. Then, reach out to influencers that your target audience follows. You’ll need to contact these influencers on their preferred social media channels and run incentivized campaigns. Furthermore, foment a community on social media and engage with them regularly, and gradually ramp up interest in your upcoming app. 

Don’t forget to build a landing page and drive traffic to this page via advertising, email campaigns, influencer marketing, and social media. Your landing page should feature videos and screenshots of your mobile app and provide visitors a brief description of its key features. Moreover, make it easy for visitors to join your mailing list via a secure signup form.

10. Work With A Trusted Developer

Developing high-quality apps is a team effort. That’s why you need to work with a developer that you can trust. The right partner will be able to meet expectations, stay within budget and time constraints, and deliver your app according to spec for either Android, iOS, or both. 

Unfortunately, It’s often difficult finding a reliable partner via Google, as many fly-by-night and inexperienced developers turn up on searches. We recommend using authoritative sites such as Clutch and The Manifest to track down leading developers such as NS804.

Final Thoughts

Appreneurs have risen in prominence in recent years due to the growing popularity of mobile apps. Current trends in mobile app development have enhanced and streamlined the creation of applications, which has further bolstered the market. Therefore, many opportunities abound for resourceful appreneurs that want to disrupt the marketplace moving forward. Contact us today to find out how NS804 can turn your unique ideas into engaging apps.

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