Cost to Develop an Apple Watch App

Apple Watch sales over the last couple of years have risen to surpass the company’s sales from iPad and Mac. The Apple Watch is eating into the luxury watch market by combining a sense of style with functionality. It’s in functionality that developers can build apps targeting niche Apple Watch users.

When designing an app for the Apple Watch, developers must decide whether it’s a standalone application or one that depends on an iOS version installed on an iPhone.

Development Process of an Apple Watch App

The biggest cost of development is in putting together a team. Normally, you’ll need at least one UI/UX specialist and a programmer to code the core functionalities of the app. These engineers charge at least $100/hour.

The build process can take anywhere between 3-6 months, including the testing phase. This depends on the level of customization needed for the app. The needs of the app determine the technology stack required and the hourly rate the engineers will charge. The costs could vary between $30,000-$150,000. If you do not know about putting a team together, you can approach an agency or software company, such as NS804, to help with the development process. Taking a professional approach guarantees deadlines will be honored and all deliverables are checked.

Once the first version of the app is ready for release, the team will keep working to fix bugs and improve the user experience. App development has taken a continuous improvement approach whereby the team is continually working to add features. The app must also work with newer versions of the Apple Watch OS.

An Apple Watch app can be a great way to let your customers continually interact with your business. A paid app can generate significant revenue from niche users. If you need a partner to help build your app, NS804 can help you write a business case and go through the development process.  


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