Is the App Store the only distribution marketplace for my app?

Once you have a minimum viable product, you want to get your app to users so that you start receiving feedback and improving gradually. The most obvious places to get your app listed is the Android’s Google Play Store and App Store for iOS. However, there are a few more mobile app distribution platforms that could increase the visibility for your app. Some of these stores will also take a smaller share of the revenue generated by your app.

Firefox Marketplace

The Firefox Marketplace is an official store for apps meant to be used by Firefox Operating System devices. If you are in the business of creating Open Web Apps, then the Firefox Marketplace is a great place to publish.

Amazon App Store

The Amazon Store allows developers to list apps meant for Android, iOS, and web platforms. Amazon gives your apps the chance to be seen by users from more than 200 countries. Creating a developer account on Amazon is free and allows you to use their APIs at no cost too. If your app is a paid app, Amazon pays you 70% of the revenue generated.


This is a platform that allows developers to create apps for different platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Java. The platform also allows the publishing of those apps for a global audience. It’s quite a popular platform that gets more than 3 million app downloads every day.


This platform is free to publish apps for iOS, Blackberry, Android, Java, Symbian, and Windows Mobile. The app allows you to pay to promote your app. You can increase visibility by paying to have your app featured in their premium section. Interestingly, the amount is only billed whenever the app gets a download. This allows you to track the impact of your marketing efforts. They provide a dashboard to track important metrics of your app’s visibility.

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