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Garnering and Implementing Feedback From Remote Teams

Developing Stronger Remote Teams Through Feedback

Feedback is an important element in any cycle. Especially in the context of business. Whether that feedback be between an employee and manager, between two colleagues, or from a company to a consultant; feedback is both necessary and valuable. In the last year, remote teams and remote staff quickly became the norm. This was, partially, due to the intersection of the COVID-19 pandemic and an economy already moving toward a digital age. Regardless of how we got here, though, here we are. By embracing newly established normals and the transition to a more remote workforce; it remains important to foster a comfortable, welcoming, and productive company culture.

One tactic managers and business leaders can use to nurture a functional culture, even remotely, is employee feedback. Employee feedback from remote teams is will highlight issues and problem areas in operations that could be easily overlooked by other staff with less intimate knowledge of that specific task or business activity. By encouraging employee feedback from your remote staff, however, your team opens the channel of communication allowing management and remote teams to address persistent issues together.

Build Feedback Forms Into Your Custom Enterprise App for Remote Teams

With the entire economy embracing the digital era; many companies have invested in custom enterprise applications. These applications serve a variety of functions depending on the company and their specific needs, but many of them contain a strong focus on internal and external communication. However, these custom enterprise applications also offer a rich opportunity to further cement the lines of feedback between the company and its personnel. For instance, companies can build feedback forms directly into their enterprise applications. The forms can provide anonymity to users who submit, and can be a platform for feedback of any kind.

By presenting your staff and remote teams with conveniently provided feedback forms, there’s a much higher chance that those forms be utilized. This is also the case with anonymity. Often-times, employees and staff (humans in general really), are nervous or timid about bringing forward issues in the workplace. Whether those issues are strictly operational, or deal with colleagues and co-workers; regardless, remote teams need a clear and concise way to deliver feedback to their employers, managers, and organizational leaders.

Listen, Implement, Benefit

By taking the time to listen to your remote teams and remote staff; problems within operations, innovations, and other workplace conflicts will be more evident. While airing dirty laundry, so to speak, is never exactly fun; letting it fester is much worse. By hearing your remote staff and actually implementing solutions to the feedback provided, your organization will develop longer-lasting relationships with more loyal employees.

Right now, building a reliable and dedicated staff of remote employees and remote teams will bring long-term sustainability and long-term value to your organization. The era of remote work is far from over, by creating a superb remote company culture now; your team will attract higher-tier-talent down the line.

Wrapping Up

Feedback from managers to employees is vital. Feedback, also, from employees to managers and organizational leaders is vital. Show your remote teams and remote workers that you truly are dedicated to creating a culture around them by cultivating, hearing, and implementing solutions to feedback provided.

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Integrating Employee Recognition with Company Communication

Recently, NS804 discussed different avenues through which a company can enable employee recognition functions in a remote environment. Building natural channels for employee recognition is a crucial ingredient to forming a positive and rewarding company culture. With the national morale plummeting due to COVID-19, astronomical unemployment rates, and the overall economic downturn – organizations need to be elevating and amplifying their efforts in creating top-notch employee experiences that boost morale and push positivity. Integrating employee recognition functions into existing internal-communication solutions, is a great first step in bolstering an organization’s company culture.

There are many benefits to improving employee recognition avenues within an organization, regardless of the work-environment. As COVID-19 has influenced a major shift in the working environment where remote-work and working-from-home will likely dominate the marketplace for years to come. There will always be exceptions to the rule, of course, especially in industries like manufacturing and construction. However – with more information and a higher awareness of the current health-risks associated with face-to-face interactions and crowded places, the push to work-from-home is more than justified as employees rightfully prioritize the health and wellbeing of themselves, and their families.

All-in-all, the work-from-home era is really in its infancy, and will likely continue on as the normal for the foreseeable future. Especially as employees adjust to work-from-home accommodations, and organizations are able to see a level of production similar to those seen prior to COVID-19. A result from both an uptick in individual performances, and organizations ramping up their remote operations to pre-COVID-19 levels.

Apps for Employee Recognition

In building the work-from-home environments, many companies and organizations decided to use communication solutions like Slack and Zoom in place of traditional email and conference calls. These communication solutions enabled employees to connect with one-another, as well as management, in just seconds. Perfect for keeping up with deadlines, asking for clarification, and getting the collaboration from colleagues that’s often vital to a projects success. However, something was still missing.

Employee recognition is a vital aspect in boosting morale, amplifying individual production, and creating a greater sense of employee buy-in. Ultimately leading to higher levels of production, efficiency, and employee satisfaction.

Thankfully, there is a wide spectrum of choices for organizations using Slack, or other communication apps, for integrating employee recognition directly into the existing communication channels. Some of these choices are:

BonuslyBonusly is one of the most adaptable employee recognition apps out there. Integrating an employee recognition software has never been easier. Compatible with Slack, MS teams, private internets, or almost any other configuration. Bonsuly stresses team-building and an enhanced company culture through integrated recognition functionality. This makes recognizing team members and colleagues easy, fun, and efficient.

KudosKudos is a Slack-App. This means that it’s likely one of the most native employee recognition apps for Slack specifically. While this is a slightly limiting feature, it also allows for a more custom-fit. Being native to Slack, Kudos focuses on making employee recognition through Slack a total breeze.

TapmyBack: Tapmyback is a great app that focuses on establishing a culture of continual feedback. Similar to the often-discussed culture of continual-improvement, continual-feedback is the result of a collection of processes and communication channels that establish a normalcy, within an organization, of employee feedback and employee recognition. Integrating employee recognition and motivating employees to grow.

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