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Enterprise app development

Enterprise app development is more than simply building an app for a business – an enterprise developer must account for a multitude of challenges, including complex and vast internal systems, legacy software, manual processes, deploying within an already existing environment, and much more. Having the ability to quickly integrate a corporation’s highly intricate and intertwined […]

How much does it cost to update an app?

“An app is never finished.” This quote is un-attributable because almost every app developer has said it – it’s a constant in the world of programming – software isn’t complete until it’s dead. From websites to operating systems, updates are an inescapable necessity. In fact, it’s safe to assume you’ll spend one-fifth of your total […]

Why we build apps like Wine Swap and Brew Trader

We were asked something recently that made me stop to smell the proverbial roses. The question itself was pretty simple – but the answer isn’t. “Why do you make free apps using expenses from your own pocket? What do you stand to gain?” It would be simple for us to reply with something along the […]