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Appy Pie App Development: Pros and Cons

The Pros and Cons of Appy Pie App Development

Little in life comes without compromise. Evidently, this is to say that there are pros and cons to nearly everything. Likewise, there are pros and cons to different app-development solutions. Good ideas in the app industry certainly aren’t exclusive. Everyone and anyone obviously has the potential to come up with impressive ideas. On the contrary, however, not everyone has access to the tools or knowledge needed to execute on those ideas. As such, many have started researching do-it-yourself options for app development. One of the most popular choices for DIY app development is Appy Pie.

Appy Pie is an app-development software that has a variety of options for users to choose from. This software presents their users first and foremost with a spectrum of plans to choose from – each with their own series of add-ons and extra features that the basic free plan doesn’t include. This is important to note because if you’re aiming to develop a sophisticated application; Appy Pie may not offer the tools necessary. There are plenty of ways for someone with a good idea to pursue app development. Even without the domain knowledge. The main ways are hiring a developer, learning the knowledge and developing the app yourself, or using a platform such as this one.

Each of these solutions, however, come with their own challenges, obstacles, and pros as well. In this article, we’ll take a specific look at the pros and cons of Appy Pie.

Getting Into The Pros and Cons of Appy Pie

As mentioned earlier there are pros and cons to everything in life. App development software is no exception to that rule. In taking a closer look at app development through this Appy Pie a clear pattern emerges swiftly. That pattern is one of limited features, outdated themes, and 3rd party reliance. In other words, Appy Pie, even in their highest tiered plan is truly better suited for simple applications that require little-to-no sophisticated features.

The types of applications easily built on this platform are mainly quizzes, or little informational applications. These apps don’t require sophisticated features such as AR, or other more advanced types of technology. Furthermore, the themes and templates available for users feel and look outdated. While they make it easy to use, for simple builds, and ecommerce links, any additional or more robust features require 3rd party coding anyway. Finally, it isn’t always clear how to get the more robust features to function.

Overall, however, the customer-support is timely,  and normally helpful.

Final Thoughts

While Appy Pie may offer one of the more inexpensive app development solutions; their limited features make them a difficult option for serious app developers. Appy Pie may very well suit a small business, or someone looking to deliver a quick quiz or informational. However, for more advanced applications, hiring a developer may be a stronger option, as trying to rely on the limited features of Appy Pie would require 3rd party help anyway.

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