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Why More App Companies Will Transition to Work From Home

The Work From Home Wave is Far From Over

Working from home is swiftly becoming the new normal. Since COVID-19, employees and companies alike are adjusting to these new circumstances. One major adjustment, has been the overall shift to a work from home environment. Working from home helps prevent the spread of the pandemic, and many professionals can accomplish most if not all of their normal duties.

In the wake of COVID-19, it became apparent that some companies were experience an increase in individual performance and efficiency. Upon this realization, the choice to permit working from home was easy. In addition to the new circumstances, many employees had already begun on this path.

Since the technology was already available, the transition to working from home has been relatively smooth. There are many benefits to working from home. Plus, with the increase in individual performance, mobile app companies are happy to move forward.

Benefits to Working From Home

The benefits mobile app developers see implementing work from home policies are wide and varied. While some of the benefits are financial, others are operational.

One of the financial benefits to working from home is a reduced overhead. With employees working from home, there’s no need for an office space. Once the office space is removed from the budget, additional capital will become free. Then, that additional capital is available for use elsewhere.

Taking a look at the bigger picture, industry leaders are making large strides regarding working from home. Industry giants like Microsoft and Zillow are making working from a priority. Since industry leaders are taking such large bounds in this direction, it’s only logical the pack will follow.

Another reason companies, and mobile app developers, are pursuing work from home environments, is for the environment. Working from home is proving to have a smaller footprint ecologically than not.

Diving even deeper into the work from home wave, individuals receive a wide spectrum of benefits from the option as well.

The Employee Benefits to Working From Home

Without a commute involved, employees immediately see time back into their day. Additionally, this leads to improved moods. The lack of a commute means less stress.

Speaking of less stress, employees that are able to work from home have a better chance of achieving a healthy work-life balance. Happier, less stressed employees that are more connected to their families lead to powerful business results. Some of these results include a reduction in error rate, better customer service, and higher rates of customer satisfaction.

Not only that, but employees are reporting higher rates of job satisfaction as well. All-in-all, the work from home environment is proving very beneficial. One surprising result from the work from home wave is actually an increase in diversity.

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