The 5 Reasons Your Mobile App isn’t Drawing In Clients

Deciding to build a mobile app aimed at serving customers better is a significant step for any business that wants to grow revenue. Apps ensure businesses can are more available to clients and it is also an opportunity for the business to develop a better profile of individual customers by looking at the services they interact with most. However, businesses must remember that there are over 1 million apps that customers can download on iOS and Android platforms. For an app to stand out, it must serve specific needs and do so in a world-class manner.

If your business app is not drawing in clients at the rate you had projected, there are numerous things that you might have gotten wrong.

1. A Lack of a Clear Objective

You must make a strong case on why users need to download, keep using, and recommend your app to other users. The primary features of the app must integrate with users’ daily lives else the rate of un-installations will be high. For instance, an app that compiles all the important news on stock markets every morning is likely to be used heavily by people during their morning commutes. Features are less important than the utility.

2. Complicated UI

The simpler the user interface of an app, the more likely it is to appeal to a wide market. App users prefer apps that do not have a steep learning curve. Everything must feel intuitive and the experience should be quite similar across devices. Speak to a UI-expert for advice on whether this might be a stumbling block for users. Comments from users can also give an indication of the app’s experience after the first few hours or days of use.

3. Failure to Iterate the Mobile App

Apps are rarely perfect and there will always be quacks to fix immediately after you release the app. Your development team should be ready to fix bugs or to adjust features based on feedback from users. Staying too long without fixing issues will lead to the loss of goodwill from early adopters of the app leading to un-installations and bad reviews. Negative reviews will heavily impede the app’s growth despite there being genuine utility in using the app.

4. Poor Marketing

Your team must have a well-laid-out marketing strategy aimed at creating sufficient hype in the community of your target users. You might invite journalists and thought leaders in the industry to try a Beta version of the product pre-launch. Detailed reviews by such authority voices give your app credibility. You might also have a paid-ad campaign. In a market where thousands of apps may be aiming for the same market, a marketing budget is paramount.

5. Poor User Experience

Another reason an app may fail to take off is unavailability in multiple languages. Apps, just like websites, need to be customized for different markets. You must also consider the ease with which people can download, install, and begin using the app. An overly long sign-up process will cause some customers dropping off before completion. Your team must make the product very customer-centric.

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