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5 Features Every Employer App Needs to Have

There are good reasons why you need an employer app to run your organization efficiently. You need to log and track the working hours of your staff, whether they’re in the office or work from home. And you must comply with the relevant labor laws and data privacy regulations. Furthermore, it makes sense to prioritize contactless approaches to reduce the risk of staff contacting Covid-19 and other transmissible diseases. 

You may use a paper-based staff register or a database running on a PC, but these are not the best solutions for achieving the above goals. And that’s because most, if not all of your employees, own at least one smartphone. Or you may have already provided smartphones to your employees, meant for all essential company communications

Thus, it makes good business sense to utilize these smartphones as a core part of your company’s infrastructure. But to take advantage of this infrastructure, you’ll need to create an employer app with the following features.

1. Every Employer App Should Have Chat And Messaging Features

Phone calls cost money, take time, and can be disruptive. So you want to keep calls at a minimum, especially in an enterprise setting. But you’ll still want to reach employees and for them to contact you or their colleagues without hindering their workflow.

One of the best ways to build a robust communication pipeline is by implementing chat and messaging functionality. And this will allow everyone on the team to communicate throughout the workday and respond at their earliest convenience. You can also limit who receives communications and what type of information they can access.

2. Add Push Notifications For Emergency Situations

Push notifications have become commonplace in most customer-facing applications nowadays. But did you know that they can be equally powerful in an employer app

Consider a potentially fatal situation where some of your offices have caught fire. Your company’s emergency alarm system should alert everyone. And employees may panic and have trouble finding the nearest emergency escapes. But if employees immediately receive a push notification with clear and concise instructions about how to exit the building, it may save their lives.

3. Implement FAQ And Search Functionality

Even employees that have worked at your company for a long time may have questions or have forgotten some rules. Thus, add an FAQ section in your employer app where they’ll find answers to their most crucial questions. And make it easy for them to find information and even mission-critical files via the search function.

4. Improve Security With Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

You can make it easy for your employees to sign in with their personal or work accounts. But given the high frequency of cybercrime lately, it’s best to harden security. Therefore, sacrifice some convenience for the improved security that two-factor authentication brings to the table. Apart from their username and password, employees will have to supply additional information, such as employee biometrics or a code sent to their smartphones.

5. Share Content And News Directly 

Your employer app is the perfect vehicle for sharing content and news that will get everyone on the same page. Furthermore, you can keep your employees updated on the latest developments within the company and any sudden change of direction. And you can do this by implementing a notification system that operates in a top-down manner. 

In Conclusion

Company communications should always facilitate the efficient transfer of information throughout an organization. But it must be easy-to-use, secure, and mobile-first to comply with the needs of modern organizations. Contact NS804 to learn how we’ll help you develop an employer app that enhances your organization’s communications.  

The 6 Signs Employee Engagement Needs a Boost

Finding good employees is crucial, but retaining talented staff is more critical. Perks like fun office space and flexible work hours can only go far. But when it comes down to business, you realize that your employees spend most of their hours working. So, to keep them happy you need to ensure they enjoy and are engaged in what they do. What makes or breaks organizations is the level of employee engagement. Here are crucial signs to look out for, plus a behind-the-scenes example of how mobile apps are transforming employee engagement.

Here are six signs your employee engagement needs a boost:

1. Employees Don’t Understand Their Impact on the Bottom line

An engaged employee needs to know what should be done, when, and how. Your employees don’t have to interrupt their managers to know what needs to be done. It’s not just time-consuming and disruptive for managers; it affects employee engagement. Give your employees a sense of autonomy by deploying a system that lets them choose appropriate tasks to work on and flexible schedules to meet set deadlines.

2. Employees Feel and Act Anonymous

One source of disengagement is when your employees feel unappreciated, invisible, and unrecognized for their unique roles, qualities, and contributions. Employees who don’t feel valued, recognized, and appreciated will not engage in their work. Listen to your workers, learn what interests them and what makes or breaks them. It’s easier to gauge employee engagement by being part and parcel of their lives.

3. Employees Don’t Stay

One indicator of employee disengagement is a poor retention rate. If your employees don’t last after they are hired, or they’re constantly showing interest to leave, it’s a fool-proof sign that you’re not doing employee engagement right. Engaged employees are emotionally committed and have an excellent attitude. They are ready to stick around regardless of any emerging job opportunities out there.

4. Hard to Recruit Top Talent

If there’s a swarm of candidates throwing their hats in case of a job opening, chances are that your firm is the place to be. But, if you’re having difficulties hiring and retaining candidates, it’s a clear sign that people don’t feel engaged in their work. Employee engagement affects recruitment because employees want to work somewhere they feel engaged and recognized.

5. Incomplete Assignments

Many times, junior-level employees churn through projects, never to be seen again. While this may be understandable from an efficiency perspective, it does nothing to improve engagement. When employees have 360-degrees visibility of projects from end to end, they understand how their input and contributions affect the bottom line. So, if there are chunks of incomplete projects, unmet expectations, and unfulfilled responsibilities, it’s a clear sign that your employee engagement needs a boost.

6. Employees Don’t Know How They’re Performing

Employee engagement and employee accountability complement one another. Workers should not wait for the annual performance review to know how well they are performing. The best way for employees to understand and improve their performance is by tracking and monitoring their progress. Therefore, it’s advisable to set up key performance indicators KPIs to evaluate what you want to track.

Tip: Ensure you’re not inadvertently encouraging unacceptable behavior!

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