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3 Ways Internal Mobile Apps Can Improve Company Culture

Every business leader must improve company culture to retain valuable employees and increase efficiency. While this sounds challenging, it’s an achievable goal with the right internal mobile apps. Furthermore, there’s hardly an enterprise that wouldn’t benefit from deploying business apps that streamline several crucial business processes. 

But what business processes can internal mobile apps actually improve? Well, it’s not uncommon for companies to struggle with internal communication between employees, especially with the prevalence of remote work nowadays. How does any company get its onsite employees to collaborate efficiently with remote workers? While several solutions exist, mobile apps offer the most optimal pathway.

And that’s due to the wide adoption of mobile devices throughout all levels of the business hierarchy. It’s hard to imagine any company employee without a smartphone or tablet or not using these for completing vital tasks. Thus, the implementation of these devices no longer has to be ambiguous but work in tandem with company goals. Now, let’s take a more detailed look at several ways these apps can improve company culture.


Improve Company Culture With Onboarding And Training Apps

It’s expensive and challenging to hire, onboard, and train employees. Moreover, it’s all too easy to get these procedures wrong — and ultimately — demoralize new hires or cause them to leave within days or weeks.

But internal mobile apps can handle these procedures efficiently, especially those aimed at onboarding and training. Onboarding apps can provide new hires with all the information they need, such as the code of conduct, company expectations, and a description of the company culture. 

To further engage the new hires, onboarding apps should provide demos of a company’s flagship products or services and mini-games or quizzes related to the company’s products, services, and mission statement.

Training apps should offer relevant training programs to new hires according to their job positions. These programs may include PDF files, multiple choice quizzes, videos, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) training. Moreover, new hires should be able to contact a mentor or trainer and be encouraged to embark on ongoing learning.


Internal Mobile Apps Make Communications Truly Internal

Nowadays, employees use all kinds of communications and messaging apps from multiple vendors. Some employees may use Skype, others WhatsApp, and several others Zoom. But there are problems with this approach related to the security and long-term sustainability of using these platforms.

While all these platforms offer convenience, they’re easy to hack, may sometimes go down, and their pricing model may not suit your budget. Fortunately, you can avoid all this via a custom-developed internal communications app for all your employees. You can homogenize your communications channel and make it even more secure than commercial alternatives.

Implement The Ultimate Collaboration Tools

However, your communications app should also make it easy for all your employees to collaborate on projects. All your onsite and offsite staff, and even remote staff, should have tools that facilitate collaboration across various locations and time zones.

The most basic tools should allow for the easy sharing of files and media, while the more complex tools should allow for real-time editing of documents, spreadsheets, images, sketches, or even 3D models. Whether staff prepare a presentation or design a logo, your collaboration tools should make all this possible. As they complete projects successfully using these tools, it will increase employee morale and improve company culture.

The Bottom Line

Internal mobile apps not only improve company culture but help streamline many vital business processes. And several key areas that benefit from these apps are communication, collaboration, and employee training. Contact NS804 to learn how we’ll help you build custom mobile apps for all your internal business needs.

Integrating Employee Recognition with Company Communication

Recently, NS804 discussed different avenues through which a company can enable employee recognition functions in a remote environment. Building natural channels for employee recognition is a crucial ingredient to forming a positive and rewarding company culture. With the national morale plummeting due to COVID-19, astronomical unemployment rates, and the overall economic downturn – organizations need to be elevating and amplifying their efforts in creating top-notch employee experiences that boost morale and push positivity. Integrating employee recognition functions into existing internal-communication solutions, is a great first step in bolstering an organization’s company culture.

There are many benefits to improving employee recognition avenues within an organization, regardless of the work-environment. As COVID-19 has influenced a major shift in the working environment where remote-work and working-from-home will likely dominate the marketplace for years to come. There will always be exceptions to the rule, of course, especially in industries like manufacturing and construction. However – with more information and a higher awareness of the current health-risks associated with face-to-face interactions and crowded places, the push to work-from-home is more than justified as employees rightfully prioritize the health and wellbeing of themselves, and their families.

All-in-all, the work-from-home era is really in its infancy, and will likely continue on as the normal for the foreseeable future. Especially as employees adjust to work-from-home accommodations, and organizations are able to see a level of production similar to those seen prior to COVID-19. A result from both an uptick in individual performances, and organizations ramping up their remote operations to pre-COVID-19 levels.

Apps for Employee Recognition

In building the work-from-home environments, many companies and organizations decided to use communication solutions like Slack and Zoom in place of traditional email and conference calls. These communication solutions enabled employees to connect with one-another, as well as management, in just seconds. Perfect for keeping up with deadlines, asking for clarification, and getting the collaboration from colleagues that’s often vital to a projects success. However, something was still missing.

Employee recognition is a vital aspect in boosting morale, amplifying individual production, and creating a greater sense of employee buy-in. Ultimately leading to higher levels of production, efficiency, and employee satisfaction.

Thankfully, there is a wide spectrum of choices for organizations using Slack, or other communication apps, for integrating employee recognition directly into the existing communication channels. Some of these choices are:

BonuslyBonusly is one of the most adaptable employee recognition apps out there. Integrating an employee recognition software has never been easier. Compatible with Slack, MS teams, private internets, or almost any other configuration. Bonsuly stresses team-building and an enhanced company culture through integrated recognition functionality. This makes recognizing team members and colleagues easy, fun, and efficient.

KudosKudos is a Slack-App. This means that it’s likely one of the most native employee recognition apps for Slack specifically. While this is a slightly limiting feature, it also allows for a more custom-fit. Being native to Slack, Kudos focuses on making employee recognition through Slack a total breeze.

TapmyBack: Tapmyback is a great app that focuses on establishing a culture of continual feedback. Similar to the often-discussed culture of continual-improvement, continual-feedback is the result of a collection of processes and communication channels that establish a normalcy, within an organization, of employee feedback and employee recognition. Integrating employee recognition and motivating employees to grow.

NS804 is dedicated to bringing the often costly services of mobile-app development and design to anyone with the idea worth pursuing. After years of accumulated experience designing and developing apps across industries, markets, and technologies – NS804 is ready and excited to make your app a reality.

Enabling Work From Home Incentives

Building and Offering Work From Home Incentives

Employee engagement and company culture are two of the most important metrics for companies to emphasize in 2020. There is no shortage of benefits from prioritizing these initiatives. In fact, bringing these aspects of a company to their forefront play a big role in attracting top talent. Additionally, implementing channels for employee recognition and incentive-payouts is extremely important to keeping employees both motivated and engaged. While performance-based-incentives are nothing new, there are new ways to implement effective means of employee recognition and employee incentives. Work from home incentives, in turn, drive employee engagement, employee performance, and overall company culture.

In the age of COVID-19 and beyond, there is going to be a big push for remote operations and work-from-home accommodations. Especially in the tech and mobile app markets, where in-person work was already beginning to phase out. With working-from-home gaining more traction as a mainstream business practice, there are a whole slew of new challenges for companies to address. One of these challenges is how management and team-leadership can continue to push employees to perform at the top of their ability, even when working from home. However, with the lack of in-person work that’s occurring it can be difficult to monitor, and accurately accolate the appropriate employee recognition and employee incentives that are so vital to the fibers of a company’s existence. This is where mobile apps can come into play. Offering business owners, management professionals, and team leaders the tools they need to effectively and accurately praise their employees for performing well, pay out incentives, and motivate team members to strive for greater levels of success, mobile apps have bridged the incentive differential between working from home, and working in the office.

Mobile App Incentive Tools

When enabling work from home incentives to offer remote employees, it’s important to look into the options available, and choose the app that will be best serve your specific company and environment.

iAppreciateiAppreciate is a great mobile app for delivering accurate and timely praise, while also rewarding employees based on their performance. Not only that, but iAppreciate also enables peer-to-peer recognition, and employees can share their praise on social media outlets. This is great to encourage collaboration, friendly competition, and incentivize employees with tangible rewards.

AchieversAchievers works on a point-accrual system that should be familiar to anyone who’s created an incentive program before. These points can be applied toward merchandise, gift-cards, and even travel. Not only that – but the socially conscious employee can instead use their Achievers points to contribute to charity, which is a nice feature not every incentive-based mobile app will offer.

TapMyBackTapMyBack has a few features that are unique and appealing. One of which is that it seamlessly integrates with Slack. Therefore, companies already using Slack as one of their main communication channels for remote operations – can increase their employee engagement and company culture ratings through an add-on to the software they’re already using. Plus Managers receive real-time reports on employee performance, and can define the tasks/achievements that result in rewards.

Performance-based employee incentives are a proven way to increase employee engagement, work ethic, and company culture. These are powerful metrics that can bring your company to the next level. Speaking of the next level, NS804 is dedicated to making mobile app design services more accessible than ever before; get in touch with a design expert today and see your mobile app idea bloom into fruition!