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Native Vs Hybrid: Should You Ever Choose Hybrid?

Native Vs Hybrid – Making The Choice

There are a lot of choices that go into creating an application. Whether you choose a freelancer or an agency. Which language you want to code in, how you want the app to look and feel, and so much more. Added to this list is native vs hybrid. This is one of the first choices that you’ll need to make; taking into consideration a variety of factors that relate to your mobile app specifically.

Before jumping into some of the factors you’ll want to consider when making this choice, it’s helpful to have a clear understanding of the distinctions between native and hybrid apps.

What Is a Hybrid App?

A hybrid application is a tool that packages web applications into a format that is digestible and usable by smartphones and mobile phones. This is helpful for certain companies, but not necessarily the right avenue for all appreneurs. A native application, on the other hand, is simply an application that is designed specifically for a smartphone.

While it may not seem like it’s significant, whether your application is native or hybrid, but there are actually only a few instances in which choosing a hybrid application platform makes sense.

Value of Going Native

One of the biggest values of going native is that it almost guarantees a more smooth and positive user experience.  Native applications have an advantage over hybrid applications because of the way they function. With programming specific for the platform, native applications have stronger performance ratings and fewer technical issues overall.

The only real instance that a hybrid application makes sense is if a companies main user interface is their existing website. In this case, they would then be looking at the hybrid application as a way to further engage their existing userbase and continually funneling traffic toward their website.

A Quick Summary

Having an understanding of the many choices and options that you have in mobile app development; will help you pave a path toward building successful and long-lasting applications that users flock to for generations.