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How Custom App Development Improves App Security

Do you need to address security issues, or are you concerned about the spate of data breaches as of late? If that’s the case, then you should consider custom app development as it’s one of the best ways to improve your app’s security.

1. Why App Security Matters To End Users

As an appreneur, you take software development seriously and care about the end-user experience. Whether you’re targeting the consumer or enterprise market, you need to be at the top of your game. Meaning, that you shouldn’t only focus on the quality of your applications but also their security. After all, few things can hurt your reputation more than playing fast and loose with user data. And such a scenario can unfold if you don’t lock down security on every custom mobile app you develop.

However, it’s not just reputational damage that you need to worry about, but also legal ramifications for non-compliance. Nowadays, app developers and companies must comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The United States has its own regulatory framework, namely, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). And developers dealing with payment systems need to familiarize themselves with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

2. How Does App Security Benefit Business Goals

Even the most prestigious and trusted brands can overlook security flaws in their apps. Recent examples include the baked-in apps found in the Galaxy S10+ and possibly other Samsung devices. 

Fortunately, Samsung was made aware of these vulnerabilities and has released security patches in recent updates. It was prudent for Samsung to respond quickly with fixes, as this mitigated significant security risks. Moreover, the company’s strong presence in the smartphone market means that its business goals are affected by how it deals with app security. 

3. How Does Custom App Development Improve Security

In many cases, it’s wiser to develop a custom mobile app if security is a prime concern. Hackers and other bad actors often target applications and websites that have known vulnerabilities. However, a custom solution designed and developed from the ground up with tight security features will deter those with malicious intent. Furthermore, by maintaining your app and regularly rolling out updates and security patches, you provide users with a near hack-proof product.

4. How Can You Improve Custom Mobile App Security

No matter how nice and shiny your new app seems, there’s always room for improvement. And one of the areas you should focus on is tightening up its security. Thus, your custom app development endeavors should include cryptography, obfuscating source code, performing security checks, reducing sensitive data storage, and securing your backend.

5. Why Security Should Be An App Marketing Point

Users have become increasingly concerned about their security, privacy, and how tech companies and other entities use their data. And with stories about data breaches and ransomware making it into the news cycle regularly, it’s not surprising that users feel this way. However, this presents a golden opportunity for the savvy development team to market their latest custom mobile app. By putting security at the forefront and delivering a product that lives up to this promise, it’s possible to win over many new users.

In Conclusion

Custom app development should always be a consideration, especially when prioritizing security. Contact us today to learn how NS804 can help you develop high-quality and secure apps.

App Privacy During COVID-19

Personal security and app privacy have been growing concerns after the birth of massive companies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google. Websites all over the online marketplace track data, and mine personal information for targeted and personalized marketing, or even worse, for sale, and in the darkest of cases, for the purpose of fraud. As COVID-19 has the entire economy operating almost entirely online and remotely; the stress on personal security, company-accessible sensitive information, and privacy concerns is greater than it’s ever been before.

There were some recent updates to website security, and tracking laws, in order to try and combat the malicious or hidden collection of personal data, and shed light on some of the shady business practices that have been previously overlooked or skirted under the rug. Especially from a business perspective, with so many companies opting to operate online, with file-share tech, cloud-based tech, and communication software like Zoom; companies that are privy to private consumer information are open to increased cyber-threats and need to prioritize the security of consumer information.

Similarly, companies need to protect their own private information and do their best to fortify cyber-security efforts in a preventative measure.

Privacy Takeaways

In mobile app design, it’s not only beneficial to pay attention to the competition, but necessary. Despite reaching over 300 million daily users at the end of last month, Zoom is withstanding serious back-lash from a security lapse that left 500,000 Zoom account credentials in the hands of the highest bidder.

While the account credentials were not accessed from a Zoom breach directly, and rather a series of work-around tactics hackers employed; the event raised awareness on cyber-threats and privacy concerns, and brought a landslide of bad press to Zoom. That said, time has proven once again that there’s really no such thing as bad press, as Zoom continues to surge during the pandemic, and acts as the #1 communication software available to businesses.

Zoom was fortunate in proving resilient to the backlash from the security lapse; though the communication company benefited from the fact that the account information was made available through alternative hacking methods rather than a direct system-invasion. That said though, other companies that have suffered a breach in security, were not so easily forgiven.

“60 Percent of Small Businesses Fold Within 6 Months of a Cyber Attack.”

Considering the study above by INC, building a multi-layered security system into mobile-apps should rise to the top of the priority-list. It’s becoming increasingly important to provide users with a comfortable in-app experience without the thought of their personal information being sold even crossing their mind.

The mobile app market is absolutely buzzing, and there’s an excellent window of opportunity for those willing and brave enough to invest in the current climate, but anyone looking to develop a mobile app should be realistic to the necessity of robust and fortified security systems to protect consumers and company stake-holders alike.

NS804 is dedicated to bringing mobile app development to the average person with a great idea; as such we preach safety and security in app-design, and are here to help make sure users and partners alike can rest assured your app is secure.