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Open Source Android App Development Software

It seems like everyone’s enamored by open source these days. From solo developers through to large corporations, the free software movement has left its mark. And, this is overwhelmingly positive since it liberates developers from the shackles associated with paid software, which may include mounting costs and dubious licensing agreements. 1. Why Opting For Open […]

How to Develop a Fitness App

The fitness app market is set to hit $14.7 billion in value by 2026. The market is currently seeing a Cumulative Annual Growth Rate of 23%. Although there are quite some big players in the market, there is still room for competitors to enter the market with a different value proposition. Customers in the market […]

Intro to Android App Development

Android is a reputable computing platform that is based on the popular Linux operating system. The initial android version hit the market in 2008 in the form of a mobile phone platform, at a time when the most popular mobile phone was a Blackberry, when Apple was making waves across different sectors. For over ten […]

Best Language to Develop IOS Apps

IOS apps are highly renowned, respected, and secure because of the long-standing brand equity of the Apple brand. However, developing a functional, comprehensive, and responsive IOS app is a big deal that needs careful analysis and planning. App developers and consumers must consider essential elements before starting on their IOS app projects. Firstly, define the […]

Understanding App Development Cost in 2021 [Full Guide]

How much does it cost to develop an app from scratch? Perhaps this is the first question that application brands and app ambassadors ask when launching an app development project. Indeed, the app development cost sits at the very bottom of any mobile application development project. Quite often, a business owner finds himself asking this […]